I'm a Pokemon fan, too. Here's a page of stuff for bored people.

Personal Favorites

G/S/C Strategies
Meowth: To keep you rolling in money and items, have Meowth learn Thief and Pay Day. Make sure it is a male, in case you want to teach Thief to another Pokemon through breeding. You might want to get Meowth to level 53, so it is done learning abilities. The breeders have a habit of deleting your favorite moves. Put that Meowth and a female Meowth/Ditto in the breeders' house. Make them breed, of course. Next, hatch as many eggs as possible to have a team of Pay Day-Thief felines. Train these Meowth as much as you can. At level 100, Meowth can get you 200 bucks per Pay Day. Also, try using Thief on Pokemon to steal some stuff. I recommend stealing from Miltank. Miltank are often holding MooMoo Milk.
Growlithe: Use a variety. By itself, Growlithe can learn Bite, Agility, Take Down and Flamethrower. As soon as it reaches level 50, use a fire stone on it to get it to learn Extremespeed. Use that in place of Take Down if you want to.
Water/Electric Combo: Use a water Pokemon that knows Rain Dance and an electric Pokemon that knows a very inaccurate thunder ability, such as Zap Cannon. First, send use Rain Dance. Then, immediately switch to the electric dude and use Zap Cannon. It will always hit as long as Rain Dance is effective! Know why? Water conducts electricity, meaning that if you put a plugged-in radio in a bathtub, the electricity will surge through the water and electrocute anything in that water. So, Rain Dance will keep the enemy wet, and that wetness will attract Zap Cannon. There is science in Pokemon! Some Pokemon can learn both Zap Cannon and Rain Dance, so try that instead of switching Pokemon!
Fire/Grass Combo: Use a dude with Sunny Day, and someone with Solarbeam. Remember how Solarbeam needs to take in sunlight for 1 turn before attacking? This leaves the foe able to use Detect or attack you. However, if you use Sunny Day first, Solarbeam will hit without wasting a turn! This does NOT work with Hyper Beam. Some Pokemon can learn both Solarbeam and Sunny Day, so try that instead of switching Pokemon!

Pokemon Lab
6-30-2004: Today I used Gameshark to determine how speed works in Pokemon Gold. First, I entered "0106EDD0" to make Charizard appear in the wild. Next, I inputted "01xxFCD0" and replaced xx with the level I wanted Charizard to be at. Then, I battled a high-level Charizard using my Pikachu. Pikachu used thundershock before Charizard could even get one hit in. Pikachu's speed was higher than Charizard's, so he attacked first. Most electric Pokemon have high speed.