Pictures coming soon!

My oldest St. Bernard dog is Zena. She doesn't like to be disturbed when sleeping. She loves stuffed animals. She even tries to grab my sister's stuffed animals! She also likes those squeaky toys that make noise. She's my favorite of my two dogs. Her daughter is Isis. Isis always scratches and bites me. She also runs out of her room when I try to get out. She sneaks out between my legs. Zena doesn't try that, though. Isis is more aggressive, despite what everyone else says.
I also have 8 cats in the basement. My oldest cat is Chique, who I found at Chickie's Rock. She follows me everywhere. I try not to bend over around her, because she jumps on my shoulder and I can't get her down. She is very agile, though.
Anakin is my second-oldest cat. I think he is the father, because Chique had kittens twice. Anakin's ears are messed up, probably because of a fight. One ear is puffed up, while the other is scrunched up.
Jingle is probably Anakin's brother. They were both found together inside a machine. Jingle isn't very friendly. He usually runs from people, especially my stepdad. Actually, everyone runs from him. I get to pet Jingle a few times, though.
Ginger is from Chique's first litter. I hardly ever see her. Whenever I'm there, she's hiding somewhere. I can't even pet her.
Annie is from Chique's first litter. She looks like Anakin. I pet her sometimes.
Baby is from Chique's second litter. I named her after Baby, Chique's best friend who died a few years ago. She's so cute! I often bring her upstairs with me to play and relax. She looks like Anakin.
LK is from Chique's second litter. I named her after a cute little stray cat my Nanny used to feed.
I didn't name the last kitten.
Remmington is a black horse who is very wild. He always runs fast in the corral.
Teek is my sister's favorite horse. He is brown. He's very young.
Montana is white with black spots. She is the youngest horse. She bucked me off once, and I never rode again.
Trouble is the best horse to ride, but he's old. He is brown.
Babe is brown, too. She is old, too.