Chapter 1: Shadows of War

“War falls upon us like a rock falling on a bug! The army does not have enough solders to hold back Edla’s forces of darkness. We are calling upon you to help in the resistance. Does anybody accept?” As I stared over the crowd of thousands and thousands of civilians on Kinla point not one soul answered my plea for help. I looked over at my twin sister Linda and she looked back at me. Our eyes locked with fear. We were to lead the battle for we were the bearers of powerful magic. She told me to let her try to convince them to march south to The Fields of Kakiriko. As she spoke she said the most powerful words I had ever heard. She spoke of the evil of the past and how one boy defeated him but the times had changed and that was no longer possible. She spoke with utter grace and wisdom. It was hard not to see her point. As I looked over the crowd for a second time I saw on man stand up. One person that swore allegiance to the army, with this powerful act another stood and id the same. Soon the entire crowd was standing on their feet shouting and screaming.
I knew most of the people here would die and I am sure they knew it to. We all started to prepare for battle. People were running everywhere; they were doing this like getting armour to handing out food. It was a site to see. We made our way through the crowd to the chief planner’s tent. As we stepped in my sister whispered to me “I don’t know if we have any hope to win at all.” I responded by telling her we had to try.
“Ah, good to see you well Chain, that injury in the last battle was pretty bad. And Linda you look as pretty as always.” stated the Chief. He was dressed in the standard gold and black uniform, which barely fit him because he was one of the biggest people in the world. His height was at least eight foot four. He had a small long face with several freckles on his cheeks; his mouth was so big you could swear you could fit a goron in it. His thin body looked like it was a twig. “I have received some fascination info but before I tell you I would just like to congratulate you on increasing our army to about double its size.”
“We are honoured.” I said.
“Yes, well anyways as I was saying I received some incredible info. As we speak the gorons prepare to march down Death Mountain to join our combat. There force is about one third of ours but any help we get is well needed. Also the Deku’s are boating in from there island to join us. They will be in about five hours. Also, would it kill you to change into your uniforms?”
“As you wish.” We said in unison.
“And for god’s sake stop doing that!” With that we left for our quarters.

* * * *

Several hours latter I had gotten dresses and equipped with armour. I asked my sister to describe me and she said “Well your five foot three, blue eyes, thirteen years old, and marching into battle with crazy hair and a dorky uniform.”
“Ya that about sums it up, but you on the other hand are short and fin with long hair, and still look beautiful in a dorky suit.”
“Hehe, why thank you Chain.”
“Well I guess we should get going.”
“Ya your right.” As we set out over the hill with thousands of people marching behind us we say Death Mountain loom in the distance. As we march we marched for a cause, for our freedom, our destiny.