{A title saying: Cactus Coffee and the No Tell Motel appears and then is flooded by coffee, then shifts to a scene with Cowcopter and The Worm.}

COWCOPTER: {mumbling}

THE WORM: Up, down... Up, down... Up... (sounds like "wuhh, yah")

{Cowcopter jumps up, then bites The Worm and starts pulling.}

COWCOPTER: {grunting}

{Cowcopter pulls out a pot that flips end-over-end and lands on top of him. The Wheelchair appears and pops the lid off the pot.}

THE WHEELCHAIR: Mmm! Mm! Burled holiday cabbage!

{Eh! Steve slowly rises out of pot, covered in Christmas tree balls.}

THE WHEELCHAIR: Eh! Steve, get your sassy-frass out my burled holiday cabbage!

{Eh! Steve jumps into the air, and the scene freezes. His mouth starts shining, and rises into the air.}

EH! STEVE: Eh! Steve!

{Gothic blackletter reading "EH! STEVE!" appears and drifts back down towards Earth.}

THE WORM: {cartoonish Italian accent} Is a miracle.

{Words "IS A MIRACLE" appear.}

{Demo Strong Bad pops into existence and plays Jingle Bells. Everyone starts dancing.}

{Cut to a scene of Strong Mad's "Prime Time" 'brow style dancing. Then cut to Strong Bad and Homestar at Homestar's house watching the show on TV.}

STRONG BAD: Uh... didn't I invent this cartoon?

HOMESTAR: Yeah, I think so.

STRONG BAD: Then how come I can't understand a lick of it?

HOMESTAR: What's not to understand?

{Strong Bad turns to Homestar.}

HOMESTAR: Eh! Steve's mouth exploded the universe, and that blonde guy did a tiny, tiny dance.

STRONG BAD: {sarcastic} Oh, right. The true meaning of Decemberween.

HOMESTAR: Yeah, yeah, right, right.

STRONG BAD: Pff! Whatever! I'ma go "re-nog."

{Strong Bad holds up a half-empty glass of eggnog and leaves the room. The scene dims, the back button appears and after a few seconds...}

HOMESTAR: Will you turn the lights on when you come back in?