{The title "Homestar vs. Little Girl" appears. Scene opens to reveal Puppet Homestar with Little Girl. Homestar wears a Santa hat. Throughout the cartoon the action often cuts, as if we're watching selected pieces of a longer video.}

HOMESTAR: What do you want for Decemberween?

LITTLE GIRL: I want {pauses, contemplating her answer} a space show! {throws her arms into the air to emphasize}

HOMESTAR: {befuddled} A space show?

{Cut to the little girl waving her hands around excitedly. A Christmas tree is now partially visible in the background.}

LITTLE GIRL: Geet geet geet geet geet geet geet geet.

HOMESTAR: {waving back and forth} Geet geet geet geet geet geet geet geet.

{Cut to Homestar's Santa hat sitting crooked on his head.}

HOMESTAR: Hey, did you want to fix my hat?


{Little Girl attempts to fix the hat with limited success. She tries pulling it down in the front, but it isn't working.}

HOMESTAR: Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow, my eyes!

LITTLE GIRL: That's okay.

{Cut and Homestar's hat is somewhat fixed.}

HOMESTAR: What would you like for Decemberween?

{Slight cut.}



LITTLE GIRL: Do, do you like all these DVDs?

HOMESTAR: I love every DVD that was ever made.

LITTLE GIRL: What kind of DVD do you like?

HOMESTAR: I like space show DVDs best.


LITTLE GIRL: Going to eat lots and lots of breakfasts!

HOMESTAR: Lots of breakfasts. What type of breakfast do you have?


LITTLE GIRL: {singing, sort of} Some jelly, and peanut butter.

HOMESTAR: {singing} Jelly, and peanut butter. Jelly, and peanut butter. {his hat begins to slip off his head as he sings} Here goes my hat.


LITTLE GIRL: {laughing} That sounds like funny.

HOMESTAR: It sounds like funny, but it's not.