Favourite Characters

Creepy Comb Over Strong Bad
Strong Bad
Coach Z
eh' Steve
The Cheat
The King of Town
The Cheat Commandos
1936 characters

Favourite Carttons

Where's The Cheat
Strong Bad is in Jail cartoon
A Jorb well done
Pumpkin Carve-nival
A Decemberween Pageant
The Interview
Cheat Commandos (both)
Experimental Film

So that's pretty much the cream of the crop.
And now . . . the rejects, which are:

Mr Bland
The Robot

Meet Marshie
The Laua

So there you go, my likes and dislikes.
So just keep on rockin' everyone!


What have you got against Marzipan and 1936? And what have you got against Homestarloween?-Homsar Runner

Whats so bad about the 1936 characters? i like 1936 H*R better - strongbadsboss

Oh! Sorry! This is a bit out of date! I still hate Marzipan though. Sorry, but she's just boring and really not very funny. - Da Bee

You've got a point there about Marzipan though, I would hate a cartoon JUST about marzipan, some, cause shes so "sensitive" then, oh and shes vegitarian. i hate Marzipajn. -strongbadsboss