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Here's an idea. - CE1

Hi, and welcome to the town of Da Bee. Feel free to explore!

'''((Da Bee/Museum|Central Musuem))'''

'''The Arcade'''
((Da Bee/Add Adventure|Interactive Adventure))
((Da Bee/Adventure Pack|Adventure Pack))
((Da Bee/Add Story|Story Maker 3))

'''Music/Game Rentals'''
((Da Bee/Downloads|Download))
((Da Bee/Kart|Homestar Kart Racing))
((Da Bee/Music|Music))

((Da Bee/Underground|Mrs Wengar's Underground Stand))

'''DBEE Radio Tower'''
((Da Bee/Email me here|Contact me here))
((Da Bee/email me at HQ|Email me at HQ))

((Da Bee/Likes and dislikes about Homestar Runner|My Likes and Dilikes of H*R))
((Da Bee/Personal Stuff|Da Bee: An Autobiography))
((Da Bee/mini pictures|A Picture Book))
((WikiFanStuff/Homestar Du Freak.|Homestar Du Freak))
((Da Bee/Smileys|A Book of Smileys))

((Da Bee/Comment computer|Computer Room))
((Da Bee/Ideas|Ideas and More Galore))
((Da Bee/Complaints|Complaints About this Town))
((Da Bee/questions|Questions for Mayor Da Bee))

Brilliant idea CE1
I could set it up as a second Menu Page! Thanks! - A thankful bee