Just give me a question, and I will try to answer
it in a hilarious way.

Dear Da Bee,
How do you type with normal human fingers?

Dear Sho-piom
That's a stupid question. I mean how do you type with your fingers.
I'd of thought you'd have learnt by now that you type by moving your
finger bones around. But I have just the thing for you...


Dear Da Bee,
can imacs fly?

Ummm...I'm not really sure what you're talking about here...so I'll
just say that you mean images. And that depends on what kind you're
talking about.
I mean normal images can't and normal Buddy Icons can't. But those
new, state of the art, animating ones can, if they're animated that

So until next time, always email me.
And give me some sensible ones.

Dear Da Bee, Is it true that over in England, they don't show

The Simpsons?

Please answer, Homer Simpson

They do actaully show the Simpsons here.
They may come a bit later than where-ever
you are but they are shown.