{Dangeresque is in his office reading the paper. The headline states that a tape that belongs to the Special forces has been stolen. He looks up and speaks}

DANGERESQUE: It's not going to be easy finding that tape...

RENALDO: Well if anyone can do it you can.

DANGERESQUE: Well, I'm off to meet Dangeresque Too. Apparently he has some information on this case. But the elevator's broken, so it looks like I'm gonna have to jump.

{He starts jumping down each stair case in turn. He exits and looks at his map}

DANGERESQUE: Well, he said to meet him in Marshmall Restaurant.

{Scene cuts to Marshmall Restaurant. Dangeresque is sitting at a table}

DANGERESQUE: Where could he be. I've been waiting twenty minutes

{Suddenly the phone rings}

DANGERESQUE: Yeah, you've got Dangeresque, who is this?

RENALDO: Dangeresque, I need you back here quickly!

DANGERESQUE: Ok, I'm coming

WAITER: Would mister like a glass of wine

DANGERESQUE: No thanks, I'm off

{Scene cuts to the office}

RENALDO: DANGERESQUE! Dangeresque Too's been shot! He's in hospital!

DANGERESQUE: What?! Who did this to him?!

RENALDO: We don't know! We can't get a word out of him!

DANGERESQUE: When I found out who did this to him I'll...

{Cut to the hospital. Dangeresque rushes in}

DANGERESQUE: Dangeresque Too! Who did this to you?

DANGERESQUE TOO: Dangeresque...it was...it was...it was Dr Con...

DANGERESQUE: Dr Con? Dr Con... I'll have to look him up

CUTESY BUTTONS: Perhaps I could tell

DANGERESQUE: Cutesy Buttons?

CUTESY BUTTONS: Dr Con is an evil criminal mastermind who works in the black market. He has his own secret lab and is behind all this. Though we don't know where his lair is, we do know he has several minions, one of whom os Mashudo, the heavy-weight champion. Best start with him.

DANGERESQUE: Very well. I'm off to the office to plan this

DANGERESQUE TOO: Good...luck...

{Screen fades to the office}

RENALDO: DANGERESQUE! You can't do this!

DANGERESQUE: Yes I do. For Dangeresque Too. For Cutesy Buttons. And for me.

RENALDO: But it sounds Dangerous!

DANGERESQUE: No, it sounds Dangeresque...

RENALDO: {sighs} Very well, I'll make sure the Gremlin's powered up.

DANGERESQUE: Good. I'll tell Cutesy Buttons

{Screen cuts to meadow}

CUTESY BUTTONS: I won't let you die Dangeresque

DANGERESQUE: Don't worry Cutesy Buttons, I won't

CUTESY BUTTONS: But you could be killed, or worse

DANGERESQUE: Once you not afraid of death, nothing can scare you. Remember that...

{Screen fades to the Gremlin}

DANGERESQUE: It's gonna be lonely without Dangeresque Too around...

{He parks the car outside a fancy villa}

DANGERESQUE: Here it is!

{He walks in and makes his way to the basement. He finds Mushido there}


{Mushido carries on lifting wieghts}


{Mushido looks up and walks towards him}


DANGERESQUE: Not until I get that tape!


DANGERESQUE: Don't play games with me. Either give me that tape, or punch me in the face

{Mushido punches him in the face}

DANGERESQUE: Bad move wise guy

{They have a huge tussle. Mushido is powerful, but slow whereas Dangeresque is quick and agile so Dangeresque wins the fight. Mushido tells Dangeresque the tape is in the African Plains. The screen fades to the African Plains. Dangeresque has a mirror and is looking around with it}

DANGERESQUE: Where is that tape

{Screen cuts to a lab below and Dr Con (Bubs) is laughing. He is holding his pet The Cheat and has his hand on a lever}

DR CON: Heh heh heh, Welcome to oblivion, Dangeresque!

{He pulls the lever and a neon weight falls on Dangeresques head}



{Screen fades to Dr Con's lab}

DANGERESQUE: I've got to go stealthily. There's guards everywhere!

{He walks through stealthily and reaches the door to Dr Con. He bashes through}


DR CON: Well Dangeresque, you've made it this far. Now I hope you like gas

{Suddenly gas fills the room and Dangeresque falls. Dr Con is laughing but suddenly starts coughing and the camera cuts to the next room quickly. Dangeresque arouses on a metal bed, strapped to it with cuffs}

DR CON: Wake up Dangeresque

DANGERESQUE: Huh, what the- Where is this?

DR CON: Why this is my lab. Do you like it

DANGERESQUE: I would, if I could see. You see you obesity is covering my view

{Dr Con's smile slips}

DR CON: I hope you realise the seriousness of your situation Agent Danger

DANGERESQUE: No, not really

{Dr Con gets a bit angry, but then smiles}

DR CON: Well you are currently lying on a laser bed


DR CON: You see, I can pull the laser lever at any time. The laser will cut you up and kill you

DANGERESQUE: Do you expect me to talk

DR CON: No Agent Danger, I expect you to die!

DANGERESQUE: Why, I mean you won't get any information out of me that way

DR CON: Hey, good point. Who the heck writes this stu-

DANGERESQUE: If you let me go, I would tell you all you needed to know...

DR CON: Okay, fine!

{Dr Con releases Dangeresque but Dangeresque slaps Dr Con and runs}


DANGERESQUE: Too late Con, Special Forces are on their way!

DR CON: Oh, but I'm afraid it's too late for you Agent Dan-



DR CON: We'll meet again Dangeresque!

{Suddenly he jumps out of the window into a jeep and drives off. Gunfire can be heard in the distance and Dangeresque sighs. Scene cuts to the office}

RENALDO: Well Dangeresque you did it! You got the tape

DANGERESQUE: Yes. But Dr Con got away!

RENALDO: But you got the tape! That's what's important

CUTESY BUTTONS: Who cares if he got away? We've got the video files!

DANGERESQUE TOO: Anyways, I heard General CrapLoads? uprising an army to take over. Maybe dealing with him will take our minds of this

DANGERESQUE: Yeah maybe you're right. Power up the Gremlin Renaldo! We're off to kill a General!

{Screen fades and credits roll}