{Dangeresque is sitting in the Gremlin, driving. Suddenly the car phone rings.}

DANGERESQUE: Oh, my car phone. {He picks up the phone.} You got Dangeresque. Who this is?

Cut to Renaldo in the office

RENALDO: {holds the phone receiver to his ear} Hello, Dangeresque? It's Renaldo. I need you back here away, right? I mean, right away.

DANGERESQUE: {off-screen} Uh, I'm in a car right now, but I can drive it to the office.

RENALDO: Sounds like a plan.

{Cut to Dangeresque in his car.}

DANGERESQUE: Hang on, car phone! Get ready for some fancy driving! {The car goes all over forests and hills and does all kinds of swerves before halting outside the office. He goes to the door but sees a limozeen swerve around the corner}

VOICE 1: {In Limo} Doo Hoo Hoo! Finally I know where to get the serum! Doo Hoo Hoo!

VOICE 2: Yes, Har Har Har... ''{Whispering: I can't believe I'm doing thi-}

{The Limo whisks down the road. Dangeresque looks at it and then walks inside}

RENALDO: What took you so long?

DANGERESQUE: Oh, I had to swing by Cool Weapons Surplus for a new nunchuck gun. {Holds up a nunchuck gun.} And a Reesy cup milkshake. {Holds up a milkshake cup with "Reesy Cup" printed on it.}

RENALDO: Well, you know why you're here?

DANGERESQUE: To get my pay for the week?

RENALDO: No, I called you in to meet your new partner: Dangeresque, too?

{The camera pans right to Homestar Runner, wearing sunglasses.}

DANGERESQUE TOO: The name's Dangeresque. Nice to meet ya.


RENALDO: Dangeresque!

DANGERESQUE TOO: What? {simultaneously}

{They both turn and glare at each other to the accompaniment of a shock riff made by Strong Bad over the top.}

RENALDO: Perducci's intercepted the serum at the border! {He holds up the newspaper from Stunt Double, this time with a taped-on headline reading "PERDUCCI IS THE BAD GUY".} If that serum doesn't make it through, they'll kidnap Cutesy Buttons!


RENALDO: So Dangeresques, what's the plan?

DANGERESQUE TOO: Well, we know he intercepted-

DANGERESQUE: the border, but now we need to-

DANGERESQUE TOO: know where he's hiding out. And I know where tha-

DANGERESQUE: Maybe a game of tennis will clear our minds!

DANGERESQUE TOO: But, Dangeresq-

DANGERESQUE: Oh come on, there really is no time to waste!

{Cut to Dangeresque Too and Dangeresque playing squash in the indoor court. Dangeresque Too serves the ball and they play a frantic volley, which Dangeresque wins.}

DANGERESQUE TOO: {removes sunglasses} What is your malfunction?

DANGERESQUE: Let's get one thing straight, meatball... face... butt: I work alone. 'Cept when I work with Renaldo. Which is all the time.

DANGERESQUE TOO: Oh yeah? Well, you need me because I'm the only one that knows where Perducci is, and where that is is that he is... in Istanbul.

DANGERESQUE: Istanbul! Of course! I knew that!

DANGERESQUE TOO: Actually, I was the only one who-

DANGERESQUE: Shut Up, we need to get moving!

{Blackout fade to a city in Istanbul. Dangeresque Too and Dangeresque are standing next to a building, which has a sign saying "Istanbul" on it.}

DANGERESQUE TOO: Perducci's got to be here around in Istanbul somewhere.

DANGERESQUE: I hope you're right. We’ve got to get that serum through...

DANGERESQUE TOO: Let's ask this passers-by.

{A civilian walks by, holding a sandwich.}

DANGERESQUE TOO: What do you know about Perducci, doughboy?

CIVILIAN: Only that I am not one of his minions. All I know is that he has intercepted the serum at the southern border.

DANGERESQUE TOO: Well, thanks anyways. Move it along, hot tub!

{Civilian walks out.}

DANGERESQUE TOO: That stranger seemed to know a little bit too little about Perducci...

DANGERESQUE: And that voice sounded familiar...

{The screen fades to the top of the tallest sky scraper and Perducci is behind the so called civilian.}

PERDUCCI: What? Two Dangeresques? {He turns to the camera, revealing that he is wearing a blue coat, sunglasses and a name-tag reading "hello my name is perducci".} Well, they'll still be no match for my secret weapon!

{The screen cuts to a silluetted robot with red eyes. Screen fades to Dangeresque and Dangeresque Too outside a house}

HOUSE KEEPER: Yes, I know about Perducci. I used to work for him. His main base is at the top of the Incredibly High, Sky Scraping Sky Scraper.


DANGERESQUE TOO: Well then, all we have to do is climb up there...

{Screen fades to the sky scraper}

DANGERESQUE: Once we've climbed this skyscraper, we'll hopefully be able to throw some people off. Maybe even Perducci.

{They continue to climb. The screen cuts to the top of the Sky Scraper, where the Dangeresques meet Perducci.}

PERDUCCI: Dangeresque?!

DANGERESQUE: What? {simultaneously}

PERDUCCI: Allow me to introduce you to both my secret weapon and your doom: Killingyouguy!

{It turns out the weapon wasn't a robot, but a cyborg. It has scars from testing.}


DANGERESQUE: That guy is tall.

DANGERESQUE TOO & STRONG BAD: You take the big guy.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: The pipes are broken!

{He leaps off. We cut to Dangeresque Too, whirling around and kicking the Cyborg repeatedly in the face.}

KILLINGYOUGUY: Oof! Ow! Ouff! Ouwh! Getting! Dizzy! Blacking! Out! Oof! Geez! Oouf!

{We then cut to Dangeresque, Renaldo (silhouetted) and Dangeresque Too (looking down on the fallen Cyborg)}

RENALDO: Nice work there, Dangeresques!


{Cutesy Buttons approaches Renaldo, holding a glass of brown liquid, with ice cubes and parsley bobbing on the surface.}

CUTESY BUTTONS: Mmm. Thanks for the serum, boys. Now I won't be kidnapped.

RENALDO: Wait! Where's Perducci?!

PERDUCCI: Doo Hoo Hoo! You may have defeated me now Dangeresques, but I will be back. Now come Sir JengaShip??, we're leaving!

{Civilian (Sir JengaShip??) sighs a follows Perducci into the Limozeen. The Limozeen swerves away into the distance}

PERDUCCI: Doo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo...


DANGERESQUE TOO: He's getting away!

RENALDO: I'll phone the police! They'll road block him!

DANGERESQUE: They'll never catch up with him! We'll meet again Perducci!

DANGERESQUE TOO: And when you do, you'll have to answer to us!

{The screen fades and the credits roll.}