Same as steebah and stongrah's quiz, one question a week.

Week of 3 May 2004
Q: How many times did you see Strong Bad punch Homestar in an SB email? (Ok. this is really easy, that's how I'll start out.)

A: # -Name
A: 2 -Fanatic

Answer: 2. Another Fan is right.

Week of 10 May 2004
Q: What quality is the Crackotage action figure?

A: __ -Name
A:Mueseum Quality -The Onductor

A: Museum Quality. 1936 Homsar spelled it wrong, but still got it right.

Week of 26 June 2004

Q: Name an email where the Floppy Disk Container didn't say anything.

A: __-Name.
A: little animal-Ser-G-Gant Marshie


Week of 20 July 2004

Q: What's the name of a peasant wearing short pants?

A: __-Name!
A: Rather Dashing -CE1


Week of 26 July 2004'

Q: What does Strong Bad think of Strong Sad as?
A: ___-Name...