This will be a graphical timeline of the animation style of all the major Homestar characters.
Its being started by Piscez, but anyone can help. The format I'm using is high quality jpgs, 250 pixels tall (variable width) and cropped tightly around the character. Individual images for each version of the character, so they can be shuffled around on this page as it grows.

Strong Bad

sb_book.jpg sb_snes.jpg sb_yellodello.jpg sb_laststand.jpg
Kid's BookHomestar Mario PaintThe Yellow Dellow (original)Marshmallow's Last Stand
sb_jumpingjack.jpg sb_sings.jpg sb_oldemail.jpg sb_interview.jpg
Jumping Jack ContestStrong Bad SingsThe first six or so SB emails.From at least The Interview to current.

Homestar Runner


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