One day after sports practice Coach Something noticed Agent Nine looking dejected.

Coach Something:Hey, what's the problem there, Agent Nine?

Agent Nine(Agent Nine):Aw man, Coach Something, I guess I just don't understaand the Homestars.

Coach Something:Oh jeez, I figured it was idiot trouble.{claps twice}Step into my office.

{They step into his office}

Coach Something:So, tell me what's the matter.

Agent Nine:Well, it's Homestar's girlfriend's birthday, and I don't know what to get him to get her.
{someone's pants fall down}

Coach Something:Well, Agent Nine I tell ya. Homestars' girlfriends are like a great sports play.
{shows a chalboard doing the same as on the yello dello}
You can't just rush into the score zone. You kiddin' me? You'll be clobbered! You gotta stick some moves, and zig and zag to get past the defenses, so he can score.

Agent Nine:But Coach, I don't understand.

Coach Something:Don't just get him a flower for 'er. Get him some rare flower from the tallest mountain for 'er.
{goat bleets}
That way she knows how much she means to him.

Agent Nine:Thanks Coach!
{car zoomy sound uhhh...happens as Agent Nine turns on his side (floating in mid-air) and zooms off}

{goes to Agent Nine sitting on a rock}

And so he thought, and thought, and thought, and thought, and thought....Until' finally...

Agent Nine:I think I has the soluton!

To be continued...