Agent Ten: Ten-hut! Ten-hut!Ten-hut! Ten-hut!Ten-hut! Ten-hut!Ten-hut! Ten-hut!
[says "a little faster"]Ten-hut! Ten-hut![say "really, really fast"]Nine-hut![say "a little faster"] Ten-hut!Ten-hut! Ten-hut!
[says normal speed]TENN-HUUUUUUUUUUUT!!!!

Agent Nine: Okay, I'm ten-hutting! What are you?! Some kinda freakin' math teacher
or something?!

Agent Ten: Good boy! You get a biscuit.

Agent Nine: I don't want a biscuit! Neither do I need one, ya big moron!!!

Agents{excluding Agent Ten and Nine}gasp.

Agent Ten: What did you just call me?!

Agent Nine: So I guess your stupid and deaf, huh?

Agent Ten {up in Agent Nine's face}: Don't mess with me today Nine. My attitude's already bad!
{backs out of Agent Nine's face}

Agent Nine: Your breath is too!!

Agents {excluding Nine and Ten}laugh.


Agent Nine: What, your face?

Agents {excluding Ten and Nine} burst out in laughter.

Agent Ten: You're lucky you have those fangs, Nine! Or you'd be DEAD!!!
(exits room)

{Door shuts}

Agent Nine {as soon as the door shuts}[imitating Agent Ten]: Ten-hut! Ten-hut!Ten-hut! Ten-hut!Ten-hut! Ten-hut!
[stops imitating] I don't believe he talks to himself. I mean, I'd understand if he said "Agents-hut!" or something. *But he's telling Ten to hut.

Agent Seven: Man, I wish I was a vampire...

Agent Nine: For the last time! I am not a VAMPIRE!!! I just have fangs growing from the top of my gums and my hair sometimes spikes itself.

Agent Seven: Okay Fang. Chill out.

Agent Nine: You've all seen these fangs in action right?

All that are in the room except Agent Nine: Yes. (no.)

Agent Nine: Good. Iv'e been itching to do it again. Seven is just a show off. Agent One is annoying.
Agent Two is a maniac. Agent Three is small and happy. Agent four is normal. Agent Five is a girl {Agent Five (as Agent Nine passes):Hey!}. Agent Six is a wannabee. Agent Eight is my best friend. Agent Ten is mean, afraid of vampires, and bossy. And, I am a vampire. So what!? We're all different!

Agent Ten:We're leavin' come on. And don't pull anything wise, Nine!

{Agent Nine hisses at Agent Ten}

They arrive. They are walking through the halls of time. Agent Nine accidentally hknocks Ten into something.
Ten turns into a monkey. He starts chasing Agent Nine. Then, Nine stopped and jumped to the left. Agent Ten couldn't stop, he was going to fast. He fell into something else. He didn't come out...

They all believe he died. But really Agent Ten had been sent back to the past. Then he met Spyro. Spyro asked his name. Agent Ten said angrily under his breath(his bad breath), "Agent Nine!". He was pretty much saying "I'll get you Agent Nine!". Spyro thought he meant his name was Agent Nine. So, from then on, he was Agent Nine.

Back to the halls of time.

All but Agent Nine: (sing to the tune of "he's a jolly good fellow")For he's the top number agent, he's the top number agent! He's the top number Ageneeeeeeeeeeeeeent and nobody can deny!(you can stop singing now...jeez, you broke my freakin' ear drums)