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== We use computers...to make video games! ==
Videlectrix is a multi-billion dollar ficticious video game company that makes some of the hottest games ever. If anyone is playing a video game in any of the H*R toons, chances are it's a chart-topping Videlectrix classic.

They also make blank CD-Rs, such as the one the Strong Bad Sings CD was pressed on.

From the homepage:
:This summer has been a lot of fun so far! We just finished a first-person action-thriller title titled 'Hallrunner!" Check it out in the Game Demos section. We can't wait to get started on thinking of some other new games, too! Stay tuned exclusively to [videlectrix.com] to see what we come up with next! (A new game, perhaps?) We strive to be your source for any and all of the "Hottest New Games and Titles" available!

Previously, the homepage text used to be:
:We're all the time working on the hottest new games and titles. Recently, we just finished making 'Thy Dungeonman 2'. We're even thinking of making another game in the future! Other projects are too numerous and exciting to mention, but you can bet they'll be every bit as good as some of our other hot titles. For years, Videlectrix has been busy making sure you'll get a chance to love playing our electronic T.V. video games. That's practically our middle name. So, keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming "Hottest New Games and Titles!!"

=== The Games ===
*Pigs on Head and the (Pigs on Head Handheld)?
*(50K Racewalk)?
*(Planet, Alert!)?
*(Sundae Drivin')?
*(Where's an Egg?)?
*Peasant's Quest
*(Salad Daze)?
*(King Dingo)?
*AweXome Cross
*(Kid Speedy)?
*Secret Collect
*Thy Dungeonman
*Thy Dungeonman 2
*Duck Guardian 2 (seen occasionally when Strong Bad complains on the FAQ)
*Population: Tire
*Strong Bad's RhinoFeeder
*Duck Pond Simulator
*Rabbit Algebra

You can read more about them, and browse the game catalog at their website: [www.Videlectrix.com]