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Featuring: Strong Bad, Homestar Runner, PomPom

{Pom-Pom and Strong Bad are standing in front of the stick.}
Strong Bad: So I was like "Well, do you think you're so hot, but me hot, me hot!"
{Pom-Pom makes sound of bubbles. He closes his eyes, makes sounds of bubbles (laughing).}
Strong Bad: And that's a pretty good one, huh? Oh crap, I should probably check my emails. Hey, let me see your Pom Pilot! {He throws his Pom Pilot to Strong Bad so that he will look at the messages.} Checkin' my email... Here at the stick... That's pretty cool...

Dear Strong Bad,
Is it hard to flip someone
off with boxing gloves on?
Very crapfully:
Phylo D

Strong Bad: Uh, not really man. {He holds his hand straight to the front.} I'm flippin you off right now. Of course there's other ways to give somebody the finger. {He puts his hand behind him} Oh, check it out behind the back. {Then he waves his hand in circles.} Oh, around the world. And my personal favorite. {He holds both of his arms up to the side.} Psssshhh! The Double Deuce! What's your favorite, Pom-Pom. {He holds one of his hands up.} Ah, Pom-Pom likes the single deuce. {And then Homestar shows up.} Hey, Homestar! {He flips his hand to Homestar.}
Homestar Runner: Hey, right back at you Strong Bad! {Homestar walks away.}
Strong Bad: He just give me the bird! {Pom-Pom makes sounds of bubbles (laughing).} That wasn't funny, man! That'll hurt a guy's feelings. Okay, so until next week send me your email and I will more than likely flip you off.

{The Paper comes out and it says "Click here to e-mail strong bad - [strongbad@homestarrunner.com]", click on the text to email him.}
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