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== Easter Eggs ==
*At the very end be sure have your 3D glasses ready and click on the big "3D" part of the logo.
*After the 3D spiel, be sure to click on the words "watch out" for some more 3D madness!
*Dangeresque/Renaldo's office is the same one as seen in the opening of The Interview.

== Fun Facts ==
*The theme from the summer blockbuster "Dangeresque 2: This Time It's Not Dangereque 1" (instrumental bits of which can be heard in the email) is featured on the Strong Bad Sings CD.
*The text of "The Local Newspapes" that appears in the beginning reads:
:The Lemmer was treated for polar bear related injuries shortly after the 4th inning shenanigans. Officials say the bear 'wandered on down' from the North Pole with rich, creamy nougat on its mind. Nay-sayers have dismissed this as dismissable citing, "I think it might be just an inflatable polar bear, actually." The young gun was unavailable for a Young Guns 2 screening that took place in my basement a few months ago and I haven't forgiven him since. Seriously, Mark, I don't know what's up. We used to be so close and now you're acting all
**This is accompanied by a picture of some Atlanta Braves players on a baseball field with a polar bear digitally added in the background.
*"The Lemmer" in the above article may be a reference to Lem Sportsinterviews.
**Actually, "The Lemmer", as well as Lem Sportsinterviews, are probably references to the infamous Lemke.
*When Strong Sad falls into the wading pool the second time, watch the label very closely. It says "pie factory", but just for a split second it will say "shark pond" and then back to "pie factory".
*The Newspaper says "Newspapes".
*Dangeresque 1 has a directors cut, called: Dangeresque 1: The Directors Cut Not in 3-D
*Strong Bad, while reading the e-mail, says "I was just wondering", when on the screen it says "I was wondering." Ahh, the nuances we here at HSRWiki point out!
*Strong Sad is wearing the oven mitts from the Yello Dello cartoon.