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=== Easter Eggs ===
*At the end, click on the word "fishing" to play a fishing game with Strong Bad. Press L to lure(fiii-ish) and J to jig(come on and get in the boat!)

=== Fun Facts ===
*The sound at the beginning and end of the fishing scene is actually from the "A Jorb Well Done" toon (ala Coach Z dreaming while Strong Sad's tape plays)
*If you get the score up to 10,000 it goes straight to 1000. (Actually, you still have 10,000 points. It just doesn't display the last digit.)
*Strong Bad has an undershirt tanline.
*The Fishing game is copytight 1991 Totalsoft LLC,,., which is a reference to Thorax Corp.
*This email seems to be a reference to the Ernie and Bert skit called, "Bert and Ernie go Fishing" In the Skit Ernie gets fish to come into the boat by calling to them, Bert eventually tries but has to say it louder and louder.. finally a shark jumps in and says, "you called" or something.