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Sat, 05 Jun 2004 16:34:50 . . . . Shopiom

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= Fun Facts =

*Though this email has no true Easter eggs, it is the only time I've noticed that Strong Bad has misspelled a word in an email. The email sent to him is signed "fhqwhgadshgnsd..." (Notice the second h after the w) When Strong Bad begins replying to the email, and spelling out fhqwhgads's full name he says "Look, fhqwgadsg... can I just call you fhqwgads?" Both of these times he leaves out the second h in "fhqwhgads." This is ironic, given Strong Bad's history of picky spelling, and also because in #76, StrongBadEmail/sibbie, he criticizes people for misspelling "fhqwhgads." He corrects it in the next line however with the correct "Look, fhqwhgads."

*This was the first email to end outside the computer room.

*Strong Bad's Painting of a Guy with a Big Knife appears also in strongbademail/army and StrongBadEmail/CGNU.