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Mon, 14 Jun 2004 21:20:42 . . . . Black Goat [Modified my explanation of missing tape again so it shows up right.]

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== Easter Eggs ==
*If you click on the floppy disk on his head while he is bouncing and spinning on his head, Homestar will come out to say something funny. It may take a few tries to get it, you have to be quite quick.
**This one is easiest in the [fullscreen or .swf] version of the e-mail. Just right click and hit pause. Play again after you have clicked the floppy disk.
*At the very end you can click on blob of ketchup near the left fries to see the ketchup bottle.

== Fun Facts ==
*If you watch carefully you'll see that he types, "WOAH!! I CAN TYPE WITH ONE FOOT" when he is jumping around
*Wondering why it said "file not found" the first time? Look closely and you'll see that he types "stongbad_email.exe" (the r is missing) A reference to 50 emails, perhaps?
*When he says "I could put this blank floppy disk on my head" he does not type the word blank.
*When Strong Bad is bouncing on his head, the tape that held the floppy disk is missing.
**This is because it flipped upside down and the tape is blocked by the upside down disk.
*The ketchup bottle falls from the sky into his hand.
*"Chamois" is actually pronounced "Shammy." Strong Bad pronounces it "Sham-oyce," like it's spelt -[Chamois]