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== Easter Eggs ==
Click the text on the paper that says "Click here to play Duck Pond" to play Duck Pond (well, duh). Also, if you play long enough, you will access a more advanced game of Duck Pond. With color!
Also, if you hold down the F key for about 2 seconds, you can throw out 3 pieces of bread at once.

Directions for second game:
'F' Feed ducks (Obvious)
'8' Shrink brown duck (One time only!)
'A' Drop an Anvil (Can hit both ducks! - Thanks for the correction Jason!)
'Y' Drain the pond (Can drain it many times, but not fill it up - ducks stop, although if you manage to get food to hit a stopped duck, it will start to move again - Thanks to all 20 or so people who wrote in with this!)

Strong Bad: Whoa, man! These graphics are state of the arts! Graphics!

For some reason, as soon as i get to the atari version, the email just restarts.

It restarts on my computer when i press 8.maybe your pressing 8 and the email restarts - dillon

Indeed, it does restart but a few seconds after you get to the atari version... lame. - peekay

I say someone emails tbc about the problem