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== Easter Eggs ==
*Click on the sunglasses at the end and you can download "Today is Alright 4 2Nite", a song from the movie made by Strong Bad.
== Fun Facts ==
*CD References
**Strong Bad's line "I work alone. 'Cept when I work with Renaldo. Which is all the time" is a line from the Strong Bad Sings CD.
**Dangeresque's door reads (backwards) DANGERESQUE Private Eye Crooked Cop which is also a throw to the Strong Bad Sings CD.
*The sign held up during the start of the director's cut contains the words "Dangeresque, Too?" written in Strong Bad's usual Ahnberg Hand. Usually The Brothers Chaps use a modified letter "q", but in this case they did not.
*The VCR used for the car phone is from StrongBadEmail/12:00 and the Characters page.
*The Newspaper is from StrongBadEmail/stunt double.
**To read the exact text of the newspaper, see StrongBadEmail/stunt double/EasterEggs.
*"I'm gonna have to jump!" is a reference to the StrongBadEmail/stunt double, as is the whole e-mail.
*At the end of StrongBadEmail/stunt double, Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective was said to be coming out in June 2004, which is when this e-mail came out. Also, it was supposed to be 'In 3D', which is why the sign says 'not in 3D' at the beginning of this one.
*"What is your malfunction?" is a reference to Stanley Kubrick's Vietnam war movie [Full Metal Jacket]
*The scene of Dangeresque and Dangeresque too going up the "skyscraper" is a parody of old Batman TV episodes.
*The Name Tag that The King of Town wears is from The Luau.
*The car is the Gremlin from Homestarloween Party.
*Killingyouguy! was played by Strong Mad and stunt-doubled by Strong Sad, but is listed in the credits as Himself.
*Strong Sad, who played Passerby or "Hot Tub" is listed in the credits as El Dumpo.
*"The pipes are broken!" is Homestar trying to say "Tatsu Maki Sen Puu Kyaku", a move from Street Fighter usually called the Hurricane Kick in US versions. This is because the characters in Street Fighter II are very hard to understand and sound like they're saying something else.
*Perducci's hide-out is the top of Bubs' Concession Stand.
*The Cheat's sign is a reference to A Decemberween Pageant.
*This email was originally titled "dangeresque3" (without the space) but was changed within hours to "dangeresque 3".
*The fact that The King Of Town was hiding in Instanbul may be a nod to They Might Be Giants, who had a hit in 1990 called "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)" and have collaborated with TBC on several occasions.
*When Dangeresque "stops" the car, the hub cap dosn't come off of the car. It was rolled from off screen.
*The file sbemail106.swf is the biggest email to date, coming in at 1265KB! The only other email that has come in over 1MB is sbemail103.swf, "haircut", at 1066KB.