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This guy appears in "Marshmallows Last Stand" and "A Jumping Jack Contest," although his voice is heard in several subsequent cartoons (e.g. SBEmails "Mascot" and "Suntan"). He looks kind of like Coach Z with a monocle and a big moustache.

The barbershoppers who sing the Ballad of the Sneak, voiced by real-life band DaVinci's Notebook, are all lookalikes of The Announcer.

I'm surprised no one's pointed this out yet, but a very similar character was used for the 1936 strongbad.

He was also heard in "The Reddest Radish" announcing that they should all bring their radishes to the staging area.

He was also the narrator in the documentary or the title character in "In Search of the Yellow Dello". --Fhqhwgads