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Wed, 28 Jul 2004 22:07:22 . . . . DocDragon

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A balding man who is have trouble buying a home or something (which happened to be a partially eaten pop-tart) in Senor Mortgage.

Complete Filmography:
StrongBadEmail/kind of cool (as a silhouette in an easter egg, but not confirmed)
Senor Mortgage (Debut)
== User Comments ==

This guy looks suspiciously like the silhouette of Senor Cardgage on the milk carton easter egg in StrongBadEmail/kind of cool, perhaps he's the REAL Senor Cardgage? -DocDragon

No, they look different. The Balding Man has no neck, but the guy on the milk carton does. And the guy on the milk carton has no hair, but the balding man does. craP

Actually, the guy on the milk carton has the same variety of comb-over that the balding man does. Not to mention that the balding man certainly looks more like the milk carton than the supposed REAL Senor Cardgage.