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*Here's the Instructions:
**Look around by typing stuff like "Look".
**Talk to folks by typing "talk" or "talk man".
**Take items by typing "get (item)"
**Use items by typing "use (item)". You can also "throw (item)", "give (item)", or some other action words.
**Type "inv" to see your Inventory.
**Type "save" to save your game and "load" to load a game. (Cookies must be enabled.)
**Press + or - to speed up or slow down your character.

*Write things down, you might need it later.

*Remember to always LOOK around at things... you never know. Sometimes you get funny messages, other times they might be important.

*Wondering where the lost item is from the Baby Lady's Cottage is? Try getting some berries.

*The fisherman is out of bait. Maybe if you had some bait or feed.

*You can't kill Kerrick without a weapon. Try finding one.

*Check around your burninated cottage. You might find usefull things there.

*How do you get across the river? Try going south all the way.

*Remember, save occasionaly. If you die you can always load a saved game.