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=== Fun Facts ===
*The game URL is /disk4of12.
*If you type look near the hay, it says "It reminds you of a warm, safe place where as a child you'd hide" a reference to "Sweet Child O' Mine" by Guns N' Roses.
*If you type "sleep" in the baby lady's house, it'll say "thats probrably how the baby got there in the first place". Perhaps the first blatant sexual reference on homestarrunner.com.
*If you kick "poor gary" (the horse), it kills you, then makes fun of you telling you the reason you did it was because you suck at the game.
*When you die, the programers give you a little message:
" 'Thanks so much for playing this game here! Don't get to frustrated. Take some time for yourself. Have a refreshing coffee. Relax. Then come back and try again maybe!' - The Videlectrix Guys"
*If you type "cheat" or "the cheat", it'll say "meh".
*If you type "die", you, er, die.
*The game itself is a parody of "King's Quest 1" and related games; "Peasantry" is a play on "Daventry", there are mountains in the background that can never be reached, no matter how far north Dashing travels, and one screen is "apparently autumn".
**Probably a stretch, but... now that I think about it, the death sequence (slow deterioration to a skeleton) looks similar to a certain death sequence in "King's Quest 6".
*Looking at the rock in the middle of the river gives a reference to "Rock of Ages" by Def Leppard.
*Attempting to drink the water in the well gives a reference to "Caddyshack".
*Try typing "fry 'em up dan" or anything with the word "dan" in the phrase.
*This is likely a bug, but it is possible to get higher than a perfect score. After you've smote Kerrek, return to the tree with the arrows in it and GET ARROW again. This gives you an extra point which will leave you with a score of 151/150 at the end.
*When you type "kill" or "break" anything, it says "Violence is not the answer". This is definitely a reference to King's Quest which had the same message when you tried any such thing.
*If you try to GET CANDLE after waking in the Inn, it will say "It looks like you should be able to do that, but you can't." This is a play on the fact that many old games had important items standing out, with brighter colors or a thicker border (making it easier to find the right book in a bookshelf to open a secret passage).
*Starting from the Hidden Glen screen, turn left as you exit through the hole in the fence. This allows you enter the screen "located" above the Hidden Glen, which turns out to be the interior of the Baby Lady Cottage. Entering the cottage in this manner changes the way you interact with your surroundings, allowing you to walk through walls, and even walk an indeterminate distance off the edge of the screen. This is not an error, I think, but rather a reference to Atari's old Adventure game, in which you could peer off the edge of one screen into another, and enter a secret room which is said to be the first instance of an "easter egg" in a game.
*At the bale of hay, if you type "Get hay" is makes a reference to Thy Dungeonman by saying "Who do you think you are, some kind of Thy Dungeonman?"
*At the bale of hay, type "look tree". It says "It's Arbor Day, Charlie Brown!", which is a reference to the classic Christmas Peanuts titled "It's Christmas, Charlie Brown!"