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The main pages are one of the more interesting aspects of the site (or not). Every time you log on, it's different, and many pages contain funny little actions and references to previous toons. Without further ado:

*(Main Page 1)? - Outer Space ("What's not to love about Homestar Runner?")
*(Main Page 2)? - The Alps ("Homestar Runner")
*(Main Page 3)? - Tropical island ("Homestar Runner")
*(Main Page 4)? - Bowling alley ("The Comeback Kid!! Also known as Homestar Runner!")
*(Main Page 5)? - Waffle house ("Doing it rightways all the time...it's Homestar Runner!")
*(Main Page 6)? - Heaven ("Homestar Runner must be dead!")
*(Main Page 7)? - Graveyard ("Dead as a doornail!")
*(Main Page 8)? - Falling through the sky ("What's so great about Homestar Runner?")
*(Main Page 9)? - Notebook sketch ("Trapper Keeper!!")
*(Main Page 10)? - 1936 ("Old Timey Fun Timey!")
*(Main Page 11)? - Channel 4 Action news ("More news at 11!")
*(Main Page 12)? - 4th of July ("Come Forth on July!!!")
*(Main Page 13)? - ATARI 2600 ("Homestar Runner Game Pac")
*(Main Page 14)? - Shower ("Nakers!!!")
*(Main Page 15)? - Powered By The Cheat
*(Main Page 16)? - Wintertime ("WE'RE SNOWED IN!!")
*(Main Page 17)? - 20X6 ("20X6!!!")
*(Main Page 18)? - Sweet Cuppin' Cakes ("Sweet Cuppin' Cakes")
*(Main Page 19)? - The Show ("The Show!!")
*(Main Page 20)? - Early Homestar ("Duckie Shirt!!")
*(Main Page 21)? - Vector video game style ("Many Green Lines!")

There are also four hidden main pages.
*(Homsar Main Page)? ("LEGITIMATE MENU PAGE!")
*(Luau Main Page)? ("The Luau")
*( King Of Town Main Page)? ("kingoftown.com!!")
*(Strong Bad's Room Main Page)? ("Homestar Talker")

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