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=== Fun Facts ===
*After about every 7 obstacles (Sometimes a bit sooner, sometimes later), you get a message on the screen:

** Obstacle #7: It gets awesome after 100,000,000 points, we swear.
** Obstacle #14: Hallrunner will return in 'Hallrunner 2: Farther Along'
** Obstacle #21: Watch out for objects!
** Obstacle #28: Seriously, watch out for objects!
** Obstacle #35: Shouldn't you be making a flow chart or something productive?
** Obstacle #42: Your devotion to this game is impressive
** Obstacle #49: So, anyway. How is it going?
** Obstacle #56: Are you enjoying the game?
** Obstacle #63: What are you doing after this? Want to get some poutine?
** Obstacle #70: Okay, pal. Seriously. Time to call it quits.
** Obstacle #77: We were just kidding about it getting awesome. Go home.
** Obstacle #84: That's it. I'm calling mother and arranging an intervention.
** Obstacle #91: You won't listen will you? Don't make me turn this car around!
** Obstacle #98: Okay that's it. I'm restarting this list of messages. That'll learn ya.

*The various obstacles appearing in the game are (in alphabetical order and quite possibly still missing a few):
ball, bat, cable, calendar, chest, coffee, computer, cute girl, Darren, fear itself, Franciscan Monk, great, home stereo system, K2, love, meal replacement bar, monster, mother, prisoner, proverb, rabid dog, Robot Darren, rock, scratch ticket, shark, social injustice, stand of pines, stump, swing-dancing trend, train.

*The reference to poutine in obstacle #63 might be an inside joke as Matt kinda got addicted and maybe still is to poutine.

*Johnathan Howe (who, from the main page, programmed this game) also appers in a Trogdor! Easter Egg, where his name appears flashing when you die after 2000 points.