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== C:\hrwiki\wikiusers\CB\version_2.0 ==
a>Hello! I'm CB! Um, there isn't much else to say.
=== a>crap_and_other_junk.exe ===
==== a>run hsr_info.exe ====
a>Ok, I'll put some of my favorite H*R things here.
My Favorite Character: Tie between Homestar Runner and The Cheat
My Favorite Game: Trogdor!
My Favorite Main Page: Main Page 20
==== a>run 3_dee_gang.exe ====
a>Here's the H*R gang in all their awesomeness.... 3D grphics.
These are from the Strong Bad Mod. Just wanted to put them here cuz' they look coull.
[Coach Z]
[King of Town]
[Pom Pom]
[Poop Smith]
[Stinkoman K]
[Strong Bad]
[Strong Mad]
[Strong Sad]
[The Cheat] Ok, this one is weird
[20X6 Homestar]
==== a>run subpages_and_junk.exe ====
a>(scavenger_hunt)? A little game I made up.
a>(images)? Images I've made or got from H*R
=== a>run comments.exe ===
Cool. Your name sounds like "sibbie" Thought I'd point that out there.
-The Brothers E