rocks, and I'm really getting into the whole wiki concept, so I figured I needed to make a name for myself here. I went with [one already made for me], which seemed appropriate.

I look forward to contributing!

Weclome to the wiki. Feel free to have a look at my userspace. A Time Machine Wecloming!!

Why do you advertise your username, DeLoreanz1? -- FireBird

I'm just letting him know. I don't try to force it or nothin, though. A Time Machine just letting people know that they can check out out my userspace

Thanks! -- tHe PizZa smith

Welcome to the wiki! And, can you shovel me some pizza? Maybe...Dominos...*drool* -Shopiom

Welcome, cool name! Poot Slap

Thanks Shopiom and Poot Slap! -- tHe PizZa smith