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The End!

Call me stupid but what is this? - Heir_of_Lindeen

Hey, Heir_of_Lindeen!
This is my toon page that you will like to see toons in

P.S. Have you ate your pickles latly?

this had better be a UserSpace. if I don't have proof that it is, it's gettin deleted TOMORROW.
we had problems with a troll that put Noto everywhere.

P.S. it's eaten, not ate, kid.

Dear AgentSeethroo,

ok...but I'm keepin' my eye on you...

P.S. welcome to the wiki

Dear AgentSeethroo,
My real user name is doda75

P.S. Thanks! ;)

Dear doda75,

This page should be a subpage. I still cannot find any good reason why it should not be deleted and transferred to a subpage under your username. If you have not given me one within twenty-four hours, I might as well undertake the change myself. It's not terrible - it shouldn't have an effect on what you're doing - but I'd prefer not to see this as a main page.

Your friendly neighborhood constable,
Jweb Guru

P.S. Problem resolved.