How'd you put those accent marks on the letters in your email to the Poopsmith?

Alt and then... any number button on the right of the keyboard... I forgot which ones... i know 0191 is ż

hey, crap, dude, im doing the robot, check out other emails, i clearly was answering them before u, so, stop trying to outdo me. not bein mean, but statin the facts, Strongrad

I thought you were doing the robot from the strongest man in the world contest?

No, they are the same dudes, but, you could do fat dudly, sickly sam, one of pom poms girlfriends, The old blind guy

Actually Strongrad, The Robot and Visor Robot are two entrely different characters. The robot seen in Thr first H*R book was never seen again. While the Visor Robot was in Everybody to the Limit and Homestarloween party! -Stevebad

Well, i am doin the robot in Everybody to the limit. Strongrad

The robot was also in the deleted toon, marshmallow's last stand (not the visor robot) -Crap

Actually, you dont need the "0" on 0191. I know this because when using "Alt ###", it is using ANSI or ASCII code.(I forget which)

Its "0191" and yes, you do. it comes out different. And can you show your name? -CrAp

Really? I doesn't matter for me.

What do you mean by "both" in the polls? The Other Character Email thing. -- JestersOfTheMoon
Just a test... alt-0191 ~Yaanu~

Please, don't use words like "b4". And start sentences with capital letters. This isn't a chat room. - FireBird

Note to Crap:If this is going to be your "new" username you must go through the WHOLE Wiki and change every instance of SibbieSong to Crap. My recommendation is that you go to the bottom of the page and type "SibbieSong". Then, click every page on there and change your name to Crap.Do this until there's no more pages on there (besides this one and AgentNine).
--Sorry, if I have to do it, you have to do it,AgentNine

Come on, SibbieSong, you gotta get crackin'! You voted in 2 wikipolls and still have your old name in them. I had to change them! I let you get away once, but that was a one-time thing. I'm not gonna wait on you hand and foot and change all SibbieSongs to Craps! You can start by changing the Sibbiesong in the first sentence of this comment. The guy who is nagging you

Shopiom, you will notice that the name "SibbieSong" appears, but it is not linked. That is fine. In fact, it is appropriate, since that is the name he voted with. -- Tom

I'm extremely close to winning Shopiom's dolla bill contest! This is my entry:
|                   George Washington                   |1|
|                        |ŻŻŻŻŻ|                        \_|
|                     |ŻŻ       ŻŻ|                       |
|                   |Ż/  o     o  \Ż|      /ŻŻ\           |
|   THIS NOTE IS    | |    /\     | |     |    |       ___|
|   LEGAL TENDER    |_\    ŻŻ     /_|      \__/       /-- |
|Ż\                   |\_ ----  _/|                  /  | |
|1|                   ONE|     |DOLLAR              |   | |


I heard that Agent 2has been asking me "Can I shovel you?". Can someone tell me where?

Okay Crap, here's the scoop. I've been getting on people's case about fixing their links to their old UserSpace. There are still thirty-six pages with at least one link to your old SibbieSong page. And there's a few subpages over there too that need to be taken care off. If you email me, I can easily provide you with a list of the subpages of your old UserSpace that remain so that you can delete them. (I wouldn't want to create more work for you by putting links to them here.) I can even help with finding pages that have the old SibbieSong links on them. How's about that for a sweet deal? -- Tom

Hey, man. You won my contest! Here it is:


I remember seeing that before...

It's spelled deja vu. -The guy who gave you the picture

I think he was spelling it phonetically. ~ AgentSeethroo

Yup. -crap

Cool picture. Ewww, my potato and leek soup has gone cold.. better go put it in the microwave I guess. I think Strongbad should go for prime minister of Australia. I mean, he is SO much better than John Howard. Uh, anyways can I shovel you? Nah, I'm just kiddin'. - Maniac person

Ya know, it's a good thing you don't know my old teacher. A Time Machine that is glad you didn't meet Ms. Edith