I think that the front page should be locked, since it's the most likely target for troll defacement. But beyond that, I don't think anything else needs to be locked -- if it's locked, then we have to depend on the Admin to make updates to that page, which he may or may not have time for. -- InterruptorJones

I think that if a page isn't gonna change very much, like the main page or an old toon, then it should be locked. As in, as long as It's something no one would have any need to change. -CE5

Not to be contrary, but I don't really see what locking a page just because it doesn't change much accomplishes. Aside from fending off troll defacement, which is a just a fact of Wiki life (and effects new pages just as much as old ones), I see no benefit to locking any page. And anyway, there's no way to tell when a page will change. Just because it's an old toon doesn't mean new info can't be added, e.g. what if Strong Bad, in a new e-mail, makes some significant mention of the content of an older toon. Well, then we'd have to whine until the admin unlocked it, add the new information, and then get the admin to lock it again. In the end, it's just an inconvenience for everybody, particularly our benevolent administrator. And lastly, having locked pages completely defeats the spirit and purpose of the Wiki. Even the oldest pages get edited fairly regularly, especially by WikiGnomes and reformatters. -- InterruptorJones

I agree, sometimes I just like to load up an old toon and check how exact I can get the wording of the transcript. Just for fun, of course. Making it as easy as possible for Joey is a big priority. However, I do think that the [Main Page] and the WikiLedger page should be locked. -- Tom

Just to clarify, currently only the main page, the WikiLedger page, and the Blocked IPs page are locked. I feel that the WikiLedger and Blocked IPs pages really should remain locked simply because no one but admins would even know the information that needs to be added to those pages, however, others may decide that the true wiki spirit means that even these pages should remain unlocked. The page I'm most concerned about is the main page. Should it be locked or not? I agree with Jones up above that it's the biggest target for troll activity. I was also concerned because the main page was changing every week (different people had different ideas about how it should be organized). I think that's the only instance where I've taken liberties as the admin and set up a page the way I wanted it (shame on me). I have added one or two menu items since then, trying to keep it updated when new important sections of the site are created (such as SiteUpdates, and most recently, AllPages). However, would it be in our best interest to allow everyone to edit the main page? One other thing to keep in mind: there are about five admins, so it's not just me you would have to pester to unlock pages. However, I agree that we shouldn't lock the older toons just to control troll activity. Having a wiki means everyone is a moderator, and everyone can help stop troll activity. I originally assigned the admins to help control troll activity by blocking IPs, not by locking pages. --JoeyDay

Yeah, keep the main page locked. It's okay with me. -- Tom

I think its fine as long as its only mojor stuff like that. If someone wants a new item on the mainmenu, they can post it in WikiIdeas -JamesGecko

I think that any pages that have to do with the wiki itself, like the main page, and pages with important stuff on it should be locked. ~Rainer~

That's what I was trying to say. -CE5

There's no reason to lock it. I understand locking the Main Page, but I see no reason to lock anything else.- Jack Selby

To reitterate what Joey already said, the only pages that are currently locked are the main page, the WikiLedger page, and the Blocked IPs. I suppose the page that controls which ip's get blocked is also locked. The main page is the only one that has any reason to be unlocked, and the general consensus here seems to be that it should be locked. As for the WikiLedger and Blocked IPs page, only an admin would have reason to edit them. I suppose if someone could provide reason for wanting to edit one of them, we might consider revising their current status. But as it stands, there really is no reason to modify things. -Stu

man...can't we just leave things the way they are?? AgentSeethroo

I agree with Jones. - FireBird

First, the only reason the Blocked IPs page is locked is because I don't want trolls removing themselves from this list. However, since trolls who have been blocked shouldn't be able to log into the site, how could they remove themselves? Furthermore, as long as other wiki users are paying attention to troll activity (and I trust you all are), this shouldn't even be an issue. Second, the WikiLedger page is locked because no one else should have any reason to add transactions. However, it may be a good idea to add a comments section to the bottom for questions and comments on the way I'm spending your money. This would keep me more accountable to all of you as I am deciding how to best allocate the funds that have been provided. It's looking as though the voting is leaning towards opening everything, so I've gone ahead and done that (including the main page!). I suppose this poll can be archived now. --JoeyDay

Now, when I voted for "No locked pages" I thought that meant excluding WikiLedger, Blocked IPs, and HomestarRunnerWiki. I really don't like them, especially the main page, being unlocked. -- Tom

Well, this will be the true test of whether the wiki way really works. I, for one, trust the system -- especially now that we have over a hundred registered contributors. The more people we have contributing regularly, the safer we are from trolls because every one of us is a moderator. Of course, if it doesn't work we can just lock these pages again and go back to the way it was. I do like having the ledger and blocked ips pages unlocked. To be honest, I felt kindof guilty locking them. :) --JoeyDay

Okay. Granted, I'm sure the WikiLedger and Blocked IPs pages will be okay because of everyone watching out for them. What I am really worried about is the main page. Not really for trolls, either. I just don't want it to become full of links to all sorts of things that really don't deserve links on the main page. I can't say that I agree with what has been added already. I'm just waiting for the first argument over whether a page deserves a "main page link" or not. I'm just a little less trusting, I guess. -- Tom

Referring to the recent events on the wikiledger, this would be why I am for locking that page. The only person who has any reason to modify the content on the page, is the one spending and receiving the money, Joey. I suppose if people are watching out, then things will be alright. I just worry about the times when one of you (or us, as admins) isn't there to keep an eye on things. -Stu