=======Section One of Part One: A Homestarry Night=======
“Well Mrs. Winner, it’s a boy! Wait! What is- Ma’am, you have given birth to not one
child but two and they’re not just twins.” said the doctor.”What in the world are you talking
about?” said Homestar and Homeschool’s dad, Homerace Runner. “Well,”the doctor replied,“If I
remember clearly from medical books, two children who are born at the same time but aren’t
exactly the same are fraternal twins.”
“We’ll name them Homestar and Homeschool Winner.” said Homeread Winner, Homestar
and Homeschool’s mom. You mean Homestar and Homeschool Runner, right?” said
Homerace. “No, I mean Winner.” Said Homeread with a slightly louder voice. “You mean
Runner!”said Homerace almost yelling. “Winner!” “Runner” “Winner” “Runn-“ He was
interrupted by baby Homestar murmuring,”Both.” Both parents were so surprised about their
baby’s first word and shouted, “Homestar! He said his first word!” They picked him up and
tickled him. Their mom said “Homestar’s right. We should share names. Homestar Runner and
who’s the other one...um...oh yes, Homeschool Winner.” They almost left the room forgetting
their baby Homeschool.
=======Section Two of Part One: I Wanna be a Homestar=======
"Honey, It’s been five years of parenting here in Prance, and the neighboring king is
thinking of moving to Free Country, USA.” said Homeread."We should move, too." "I agree,"
said Homerace, nodding his head to Homestar signaling if he could listen to some stories from
Senor Cardgage. “Well, I’ll get the car packed and tell the boys.” Homeschool got out his junior
rocket kit and assembled the rocket in less 2 minutes. He asked Homestar to pump it up and
Homestar pumped up the rocket. They shot it up in the sky. It burst into stars. Homestar said,
"Homeschool, When you and me grow up, I wish we would be staws in the sky." Then, suddenly,
Their father said,"Boys!" It scared Homestar and Homeschool."Calm down, boys. I have an
announcement to make. We’re moving." The two kids kept screaming.
=======Section Three of Part One: Homestarward Bound=======
"Homeschool, It's time to go, are you finished getting your things?" said Homeread."I
almost have all my book series, mom." Homeschool answered. Homestar climbed on top of the car,
sat down on the roof and jumped off it. He land right on his feet. He ran to his dad and said,
"Dad,dad! I jumped off the car and landed on my feet!" "Very good, Homestar, when you grow up,
I'm sure everyone will think your a terrific athlete." his dad told him. They got everything
packed up and the car drove away. Homestar and Homeschool looked back and saw people singing
They sang:
A terrific athlete,
So nice, yet so elite.
Powerful legs,
They can break 500 beer kegs.
The car drove away and Homeschool Winner didn't get to hear his song. But, Homeschool
Winner wasn't like any other child. He was not just a child prodigy, but also a kid who had
two sides of everything. He remembered this from a book.View every problem you encounter as
an opportunity.There is a good side to every situation. Everything depends on the way you look
at things. The optimist sees an opportunity in every calamity. A pessimist sees a calamity in
every opportunity. The optimist sees the doughnut, the pessimist the hole.You can develop
success from failure. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to
success. No elements can do so much for you if you are willing to study them and make capital
out of them. When it is dark enough you can see the stars.
Homeschool smiled as they entered Free Country, USA. He smiled at a girl some people
call "Homsay". Others, Unnamed Girl. But everyone knew Homeschool Winner would see her one
more time in his life before she vanished away, never to be found again.
=======Section Four of Part One: I'm Homestorry=======
The family unpacked at a red house. Homeschool Winner ran to one of the bedrooms, looking for
his bed. His mother reminded him, "Homeschool, did you forget? We haven't unpacked yet. Get a
sleeping bag from the car. He got a purple one while homestar chose the red one. "Mine matches
the house, doesn't it, Homeschool?" Homestar asked Homeschool. "Yeah, I guess it does."
replied Homeschool. Then they both fell asleep. A few weeks later they went to school. On
the first day, Homestar wore a plain red shirt and Homeschool wore purple. "Just like our
sleeping bags." They both said. The school worked like this Each child had two classes.
Homestar and Homeschool were both in 1st grade. In kindergarten Homestar barley mad the
passing mark. While Homeschool barely made the 2nd grade mark. At there, They both got
Ms. Treeman. Kids would make fun of her last name. Ms. Treeman. You see. At school,
They each got to choose a little symbol on there shirt after they beat that contest. Home-
star chose the strength contest, while Homeschool chose the vocabulary contest. They both
won coming home with a shirt that had symbol. Homestar, the All-Star symbol. Homeschool,
the Vocab symbol. The All-Star symbol looks like a star. The Vocab symbol is a speech bubble
with whatever word the person said to win.
They both took a shower. Homestar went in the hall-
way shower, whil Homeschool went in the den's shower. After they were done, Homestar acci-
dently used Homeschool's shirt and wiped of the word. "I'm sorry." Homestar told Homeschool.
Homeschool said, "It's okay. I forgive you."
=======Section One of Part Two: Don't act Strong Bad!=======
The next day, the Runner/Winner family met their neighbors. There was Mr. Bland (He never
told anyone his first name), Senor, The King and Prince of Town, Marzipan, Bubs, and Coach Z.
Homestar's mother found out that the shirts had gotten bigger overnight while drying, so she
gave the two children animal shirts. Homestar got a yellow duck shirt, and Homeschool got a
blue hippo shirt. They remembered Coach Z's funny hair that day. It was an afro. They talked
about it all morning. Then their father called,"Homestar, Homeschool, look!" It was
"The Strongest Man in the World Contest". The Robot won. They brought get-well presents
for Senor and Mr. Bland. Then, they heard a car coming. Then the noise was gone. Then, the
two kids heard in a load drone voice,"ME WANT HOUSE! ME WANT HOUSE!". "Ow. That hurt my ears,
didn't hurt yours, Homeschool?" asked Homestar. "No. I have earmuffs on. As soon as I heard that
voice, I put them on. Do you want some? He's going to be-" he was interupted by,"NOO! THIS NOT
MY HOUSE! WHERE BED? RAAAAAAAAAAAA!"said the loud voice. "-yelling again." Then they heard,
"Shut up! I have no tolerence for that! Stop acting so friggin' bad!" Homestar and Homeschool
gasped. They had never, ever, ever heard such bad language. Homerace Runner, thier dad heard
that. He said,"Kids, come in. I'm gonna talk to that man."
=======Section Two of Part Two: He's Hurt Strong Badly=======

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