He's cute! He's soft! He's.......INSULTING YOU! Finally after all of the times Strong Bad's entertained you so much that you want to hug you can! And not only is this stuffed animal a perfect representation of the most endearing character on Homestar Runner --- he talks! And not only does he talk --- he talks to you! That's right! There's a plethora of phrases that when spoken to him (from a maximum of six feet away), he will respond in three different ways! (Voice quality NOT crappy)


The Strong Bad plushie comes in three sizes:
Large: 3'4" for obsessives like PrincessofStrongBadia
Medium: 2'0" for sane people
Small: 9" for boring people
You might expect to pay almost $100 for this rare product, but it's yours for only 3 EASY INSTALLMENTS OF $1,298!!! Actually, that's just the small size. Medium of size costs three maroon, velvet bags of 60 UNCRINKLED 100-dollars bills. The large requires eternal servitude to the salesman.
These are all of the phrases S.B. will respond to and how. (next to the NUMBERS are what YOU say, next to the LETTERS are what HE says)
1.) Why are you awesome?
a) 'Cause you're not!
b) Do you really need an explanation for THIS awesomeness?
c) More like, why AREN'T YOU awesome?
2.) Where are you?
a.) I'm right here, stupid!
b.) I'ma goin' TO THE MOON!!!!
c.) Well, I was here, but, now that you're here, I'm...I'm going away!
3.) Sing a song.
a.) Oh, alright! (sings Trogdor)
b.) Oh...fine! (sings The Cheat Is Not Dead)
c.) OK, but I better be getting payed chocolate to do this! (sings Somebody Told Me(And Now I Believe Them))
4.) Can you answer my email?
a.) Oh, sure. Keep your freakin' pants on!
b.) Yeah. When crap freezes over.
c.) I would except I can't read your crappy grammar craphead.
5.) Say something!
b.) I am truly the greatest guy.
c.) Something. Why did you want me to say that? That's about as exciting as "Mister Toad's Wild Ride."
6.) Are you hungry?
a.) Well I was until I saw that zit on your face.
b.) Yeah, but uh, I doubt there's anything edible in this styhole.
c.) Naw, man. The last thing I ate tasted like crap! And believe me. I know crap.
7.) I love you.
a.) Oh geez. Your name better be shorter than the last person who told me that.
b.) That's nice.
c.) disturbing.

Talking Interactive Strong Bad Plushie comes with the plushie (of course), a little paper thingy with all of the stuff you can say to him, and a piece of parchment with 4 EASY INSTRUCTIONS ON BECOMING A BILLIONAIRE! ('s just an index card that says the word "butt" on it, but, with the billionaire thing we'll sell tons of these!)
Talking Interactive strong Bad requires Double A (all abs) batteries. Not included. (Are batteries EVER included?)

Comments? Concerns? Questions? WISHES THAT THIS EXISTED??

Pretty funny. I would buy that....if I had money. Not the large though, I don't really want to be eternally indebted to anyone. --DG

Do you have a "Tiny" size? -M'fox

TINY?? Don't you wanna hug him? da princess

I think he just doesn't wanna pay that much for the small. --DG

Yeah. If this REALLY existed, the prices wouldn't be so outlandish, trust me. ;D
-da princess

I love the Double A (all abs) reference! your stuff gets better and better POSB!!! Good jorb!! Agent

You rock Agent. -princess

Hey, I just call 'em as I see 'em! Agent