If you got...

mostly 1s you're a Poopsmith
mostly 2s you're a King of Town
mostly 3s you're a Strong Bad
mostly 4s you're a Homestar
mostly 5s you're a Pom Pom
mostly 6s you're a Homsar
mostly 7s you're a Bubs
mostly 8s you're a Coach Z
mostly 9s you're a The Cheat
mostly 10s you're a Strong Mad
mostly 11s you're a Strong Sad
mostly 12s you're a Marzipan

If you get one of each you're Homsar!

Any...um...things or...um...sentences...

Thing - Sentances
I've got a thing and a sentance here. Where do you want me to put them? I wasn't instructed. -- FireBird

Put what? The sentences? here! - Da Bee

Okay. Thing Sentances -- FireBird