Which Character are you?

What is your ideal career?
1) crap, and lots of it
2) leader of a small country
3) an email engineer
5) a ladies man
6) Don't fake the funk on a nasty dunk
7) running a small stand
8) an accent translator
9) a lackey to a big leader
10) career, CAREER!
11) a caligraphy master
12) I believe careers are mad!

In school were you...
1) the silent one
2) the fat loser
3) the bully
4) they have schools?
5) the popular one
6) This is the place of dreams
7) the drug dealer
8) the sports guy
9) the bully's lackey
10) BIG MAN!
11) the reject
12) I didn't go to school

What do you do on your computer?
1) look up 'crap' on google
2) look on food pages
3) Check your email
5) find updates for my phone
6) Can't delete and belete!
7) buy the crappiest games and food
8) try to find an easy accent learning tape
9) look for growth pills
11) play computer chess
12) I use letters and books instead

What do you do in your spare time?
1) look at crap
2) eat, eat, eat and...um...eat!
3) steal valuble stuff
4) prance about
5) email fine honeys
6) Come Yanu, your time is little!
7) sell old stock
8) practice speech
9) draw animations on my computer
11) make up arts and crafts activities
12) practice on Cearo

If you phone a friend, what is it for?
1) to talk about crap
2) to ask for food
3) to talk, because my email broke down
4) talk about stupid stuff
5) ask a girl out
6) Pick a treat and take it on the slope!
7) to try to flog someone insurance
8) try to ask someone out, but fail due to accent problems
9) to ask for animation ideas
11) I don't phone people
12) to ask on the latest vegetarian food stuffs

Which one are you?