Good Morning Class.
Your usual teacher could not make it,
so I will be filling in.
My name is:


Please take out some paper and a number
2 pencil, and lets begin:

/Strong Bad!
/Coach Z!
/Strong Mad!
(/The Poopsmith!)?
(/The Cheat!)?
(/The King of Town!)?
(/Strong Sad!)?
(/Pom Pom!)?

I'm sorry, but as Q-Ball said with SibbieSong, these would have to be drawn then scanned, step-by-step, if we would want to understand them. It's basicly just impossible to follow a discription. It would just be easier to look at the character. --FireBird

They can actally be understood, if you do them right like, telling where to put it on the page and telling exactly what shape. - Da Bee

I tried Strong Bad. I got a deformed egg-man with no neck. Draw them, it will be alot easier. -- FireBird

Oh! Sorry! I forgot about the neck! - Da Bee

Good old HOMETAR! Hey, wait! I don't remember a character called Hometar! Can you tell me about him, So called great teacher? - Professor Qwertyuiop

Hey! I said I was a supply. I never said I was great or educated in any ways (not that I'm not!) -Da Bee

And don't mess with the Hometar. He's cool ya'll! - Da Bee