Okay, I saw it somewhere on some other Homestar-related site that the date "June 3rd, 2004" is "scheduled for future realease". Does that meant that they're going to make a prom-stlye cartoon on that date? (I know it probably won't be an e-mail because I checked the calender and it's on a Thursday). -CE5

Well, in the email StrongBadEmail/mile, you can see a picture of The Cheat at a prom that has that date on it. That's all I know.

In (stunt double)?, SB says that "Dangeresque 3" will come out in June 2004. Maybe they're going to make a toon out of it. -Dark Grapefruit

And maybe we all have to go out and buy (or make) 3-D glasses to veiw "The Criminal Projective" in...
-- wazup90210

LOL! Yeah, I'm guessing it would be Dangeresque 3.

"LOL" is completely idiotic and causes a breakdown in intelligent conversation. I was refering to the picture of The Cheat in mile, although is is possible that Dangeresque 3 will be made. -CE5

CE5, that was way rude and uncalled for. You didn't need to insult her to get your point across. Learn some people skills, kid. AgentSeethroo

Just pointing out that not all e-mails fall on a Monday. The colonization email for example.
-The Brothers "My 2 Cents" E

Agreed. But all I've seen are at least on a Tuesday or at latest Wednesday. I think one was done on Sunday! Anyway, I don't think they're ever that late in the week. -CE5