A good email, but still not really worth 15 days of anticipation...

The Cheat's Trans-Am (from the sbemail mile) would have been a better choice for a "Corvette" than a Gremlin. Gremlins hardly even count as cars, while Trans-Ams are not only cool cars that exist in Strongbadia, but they're also the closest thing to the closest thing to a Corvette that's not a Corvette or the closest thing to a Corvette. -- Billcow

Are you serious? This is one of my favorite e-mails! This is gonna keep me through the week and Church Camp! I can't wait to get back from Camp to see two new emails. -- FireBird

I think it was great, I'd say it was worth it, it was a pretty long one. Plus the song is cool too. And we finally get to see Dangeresque 1. The reason they didn't show dangereque 3 was because it's 3d.

I have 3D glasses lying around the house. The Friggin Cheat

I got 3d glasses from a happy meal at Mcdonalds when they sold Spy Kids 3D: Game over toys-Reynold

This might have been the best email. Ever. Jack Selby

Nah, Maybe not the BEST Email ever, but a pretty friggin good one. GigaDevan?

Oh, dag! Man, I broke my 3D glasses a couple of days ago. Man, I should have used them for Stunt Double before breaking them. Who knows where they are. -- FireBird

Pretty good email. I never burst out into laughing like when I first saw Coach Patch, but still pretty good.

This is for sure one of the 5 best in my opinion. It's so hilarious, and the song Stong Bad writes is pretty good. But only 1 easter egg?!? That lowers the score a little. It was still great though. I think #2 should be #1(Dangeresque movies) and vice versa. #2 wasn't much of a sequal. Heck, maybe Dangeresque 3 will be on the DVD with a pair of 3D glasses. That would be a good idea. Alakazam9891

I thought this one was pretty funny. "Thanks for the serum, boys. Now I won't be kidnapped". That makes no sense. How could a serum cure her from being kidnapped? It was also kind of funny when they were walking "up" the skyscraper, and Homestar's glasses fell. -CE5

did they might be giants write the song at the end?

Maybe. It would have been funny if they had a blooper reel, but they seemed to have the bloopers in the actual movie. -CE5

This seems to reverse what Strong Bad said in email 101 about him having a car. Obviously, he doesn't own the Gremlin, but we do "see him in a car", which Strong Bad says you never see. BestFootFlower

Well, not really. Up until email 101 we hadn't seen him in a car. Also, he could have just borrowed the car I guess. Or stolen it more likely.

Ah, but that wasn't Strong Bad in a car, it was Dangeresque in a car. --Upsilon

I just got back from the cabin where Dad won't let me go on the internet (mostly because we don't have it there), and I saw this e-mail and freaked out. I sent Strong Bad and email kind of like john newell's about a month ago, just saying that he'd better get working on Dangeresque 3. I thought one of my emails would finally get answered, but of course it wasn't mine.--TubularLuggage

You never see what happens to that King of Town guy...whoever he was - Da Bee

I wrote to TBC on May 30th and asked when Dangeresque 3 was coming out. Could that have something to do with Strong Bad saying "People won't leave me alone about this?"...?

Tubular Luggage i konw were you got your name. you got it from dilbert. oh and did anyone notis in the swf. vrsin that 1.the cheat kept runing by the car carying a tree and B. strong mad's feet are sticing out the wall/laing by themselvs. WIRD

You weren't the only one to send him an e-mail about it. Because in the Stunt Double e-mail he said that Dangeresque 3 would be coming out in June 2004 - so naturally, this month the whole Homestar community has been buzzing about it and many e-mails have presumably been sent to Strong Bad and TBC. --Upsilon

Darn straight! I sent him one about Dangeresque 3 aswell! Oh, I wish he answered mine.
- M.J

Okay, I have a question for people: Does this look like the same room?
Here is Strong Bad on the couch:
And here is Strong Bad and Homestar playing wallball in what looks like the same room but with the TV and couch removed:
Sorry about the quality.

It is the same room, The Strongs Basement. They were making a movie, what do you expect? -- FireBird

Homestar's sunglasses kinda remind me of [Knuckles']. -Crap

"The pipes are broken!" had me in stitches. - Dasyati

Amazing how Homestar remembers his lines. - William S.

What happend to Homestar in Dangeresque 2? J/W Uber P

What happened to all of Batman's girfriends from movie to movie? Besides, we may never even see all of Dangeresque 2.
-The Brothers E