This Peasant Wearing Short Pants is the star of the Peasant's Quest Trailer, a game that looks like it could be really cool, if it is ever made.

Looks a little like Link from a series called "The Legend of Zelda". - CE1

The sprites used for Rather Dashing are really obviously supposed to be seen as those used for Graham from the old Sierra On-Line "King's Quest" series, and to a lesser degree his son, Alexander. There are all sorts of sample pictures in the vicinity of Near the bottom, there's a front view of Graham, which really makes this clear. - Bahu

I played that game!! King's Quest is a hilarious game. Yeah, he does look a little like him. (why is this page called 'Rather Dashing'? How do we know that's his name? That's not his name!) -dayve_57

We know he's "Rather Dashing" because the short says so. I have it memorized.
"You are Rather Dashing, a peasant wearing short pants who returns from vacation to find his thatched-roof cottage BURNINATED!!" They say this in the part where he's next to that well. -tw307

Why is Rather Dashing a reject? He has his own short! I guess that's why he keeps getting moved. -Shopiom

I /made/ the first Rather Dashing page before this! Hoo Ha! -Jace