Hi, my name is Dark Lord Karkon. I hope you have a nice day... if you SURVIVE IT! I mean... um... have a nice day. A regular nice day. No need for suspicion. I am the evil form of Lord Karkon, and I work for DarkLordNache. My powers of darkness and PaintShop Pro are great. My real name is Dark ****** *******. The End.

Fine, Jweb. Have it your way. But DARKNESS SHALL DEFEAT THEE!

List of people to be defeated by darkness:


That's good to know, my lord. Thank you for considering my suggestion. It was nice doing business with you. - Jweb Guru

Can you please tell me what it is like to be Defeated by Darkness?
- Co

Well, you see... it's like, you're, um... defeated... except, it's all like... dark and... umm... ONE MORE CRACK LIKE THAT AND YOU'RE ON THE LIST TOO!--Perturbed Dark Lord Karkon

I'm sorry I erased my name, but I haven't done a thing to you! If I in any way insulted you, I am sorry
- Mysterious-Stranger

Check right here, at the part where I, in my evil voice, answer a question from you. --Dark Lord Karkon

I think I has the suggestion!

A list of people that have been defeated by darkness. -the flamin sack o' crap