These are Space time theries I thought up when I was bored.

=Ring Theory=
The most common theory, this states that everything is one large "plain", i.e., change something in the past and it will change in the future. I do not think this one is possible. -KupO

=Step Theory=
This is what I think is possible. In this, there are an infinite number of parallel universes for each fraction of a second. There are never any new ones created, just some progressing at different time periods, but at the same progression rate. Take 20X6 and 1936 Homestar, for example. They both progress at the same rate, but they are in different time periods. Traveleing back(or in some cases, forward) in time is a teleportation to a different parallel universe, so change something in that universe and it will effect that universe. For instance, Say Strong Bad goes back in time and makes sure e-mail #2(homsar) is never sent. In that universe, there would be no Homsar, but in SB's own, Homsar would still be present. Get my drift? -KuPo

More as I think of 'em!

The "Ring theory" is also known as the Ripple Effect. For example, say a 50-year-old King of Town went back in time and found himself 30 years younger as the svelt, young Prince of Town. Pretend that the King cut off the Prince's moustache. Then, the King's moustache would disappear, because if it was off in the past, it will be off in the future. DeLoreanz1


Deep stuff, man. Deep stuff. -- FireBird

Do you care if I help it along with a couple of my own theories as well? The Time Machine That Has Been All Over The Space-Time Continuum

Fine with me, just sign your name. This goes for anyone else as well. -Kupo

I actually thought of the ring theory, too. However, I thought that a new dimension would be created for every fraction of time. I also think that everyone has a counterpart in a different dimension. For example, if I were to lick a lollipop, my counterpart might be out there licking a tree or something at the same time. My counterpart might be pressing keys on a piano as a press keys on a keyboard. As a walk north, so does he. -Hagurumon

Maybe we're inside the body of some uneven eyed giant. the moon is one eye and the sun is the other, but no matter how far we go and try to get out of the giant, he will always get bigger. - Roger H.
Wierd, huh? - The Conductor

They say the universe is expanding, but what is it expanding into? I always just picture a little marble (our universe) in a little white box, and its empty except for that marble. I also think that perhaps if someone found out the meaning of life, the universe would explode, as that is what the meaning if life is, to find it out and ruin us all.
{universe explodes} ... Oh crap! - I just blew up the universe