It has been postulated before that the Heavy Lourde dropped on him by Strong Bad may have had some contribution to Homsar's current state - as SB email 2 StrongBadEmail/homsar is one of only two incidents of him actually speaking normally. (The second is in an early installment of MarzipansAnsweringMachine thanking her for a gift of flowers).

I don't think this is true, because Homsar says something that applied to the situation in the StrongBadEmail/impression. (I'm crying on the inside!)

Homsar is transmogrified into Modestly Hot Homsar by Strong Bad's imagination during StrongBadEmail/different town [[which was apparently broken at this time...]].

Shouldn't he have died when the Heavy Lourde was dropped on him? I mean it WAS intended to be lethal.

(By the way, would it be called *a* heavy lourde? I thought that it just had "heavy" written in both English and French on it. Maybe I'm wrong.) --TheOneWithBaggyPants

In the Strong Sad Lookalike contest, is Homsar actually sad, or is he attempting to talk like Strong Sad? - Aaronak

I think he's actually sad, 'cause he looked JUST LIKE Strong Sad, but he didn't win. Wouldn't you be sad if that happened to you?

I think that he is not actually sad, because the above explanation makes far too much sense to be Homsar. --DG

Hmmm... Seems my list was deleted. No deal, but it was a list of what he belives or does, not quotes, just to note. - Hellblade

You can't accept anything Homsar says as fact, even if it has to do with himself. Things he says he believes are generally just random phrases. Just because he says "I brought my best foot flowered" doesn't mean it is something he actually did.

Good point. - Hellblade

I would put forward that he is a thirty-something year old jar of mayo that developed a serious mold and then evolved into semi-sentient life. Someone probably left him out next to a pot of coffee, hence the phrase, "Raised by a cup of coffee." I date his birth as sometime in the sixties (was this "special" mayo?) a la being "a song from the sixties." He probably watched alot of tv growing up in the eighties, thus producing a strange attraction to actor Kelsey Grammer from "Cheers" and "Frasier", as well as an extreme devotion to "The Jeffersons" (starring Sherman Helmsley), giving rise to his inquirey "When can we start the Jeffersons?"
Top that! I just came up with a good background story for Homsar and used four of his catch phrases!

Good theory, whatever your name is. I love Homsar. He always makes me laugh. When I was a newb to Homestar, I think I first saw him in "Where's The Cheat?", and I thought he was Homestar's ultra-senial grandpa. -NickelBad

I'd love to see Homsar as 'Slash'. Does anyone have a link for it, or is it lost forever in the mists of time?

Here ya go: homhw03_small1.jpg

Note: I did not make this. -NickelBad

i agree with that theory but i have something else to say. When he was this mold, he might have been set on a flower ("i put my best foot flowered")and near a gravy boat ('captain of the gravy train") and maybe he was knocked over by a random, rolling peach("twas the pride of the peaches") fell to the ground and the glass mayonase jar smashed, internally causing braindamage to the growing Homsar. Soon (about ten years later) he had morphed into the homsar we know today. He found his hat,shirt and boots at someplace called Tubbs. Tubbs could be a person selling jengajam and clothes who read dickens ("I'm the ghost of chistmas past"). The shirt originally said Ras Moh. Rasmoh was bolded and shown though to the other side. Homsar(being a mold) put the shirt on inside out and saw that it read Homsar. He met another social outcast StrongSad and made quike friends. Homsarian warlord

Am I the only one who hears, "I put my best foot forward", not "flowered"? Or does that make too much sense? --one confused grapefruit

just hered thattape again and i can here the "fl" clearly

another fact of homsar avoiding death was in sbemail friends when he was buried up to his head and had scorpians poured all over him, thus, swallowing one...