This is a page to help Hobo with his Re-organizing.

Hello I am Hobo

You can leave me Comments

You can be my friend

You can help me bust trolls. Read this for instructions.

This is a little bit about me....yadayadayada--somthinsomthin--something something, eh whoever?

Yeah, something like that. But I'd like to divide it all into sub-pages -Hobo

Go ahead, I don't care what you do to it, it's just a suggestion

I suck at formatting though. I really have no idea how I'd want it to look. i think i'll start by making a comments sub page though.

Whatever you want to do, just let me know and I'll do the rest. No prob. I've always dreamed about helping people do stuff that I'm good at. I'm signing off in about 10 minutes, I'll be back at about 11:30 or midnight. Just log on then and I should be here.

heh, im going to the beach. and everything I do on the site i pretty much do at work... and i have a three day weekend. See ya tuesday!

oh, ok. See ya Tuesday!!