This is my own mini Forum. It's different to other Forums because you
don't have accounts and you don't have avatars. You just type in what
you want into the thread and wait for a reply. Always leave a dotted
line below your paragraph (or sentence).

Homestar Runner

(Homestar Runner in general)?
The Toons
(Strong Bad Email)?
(The Games)?
(The Characters)?


(Favourite Games)?
(Favourite TV Shows)?
(Favourite Music)?
(Favourite Books)?
(Favourite Films)?
(About Your School)?

Your categories:
(Put any that you want to do here. Make
sure that they are worth while)

The [HRWiki Forum] exists for a reason, you know. -- FireBird

Yes FireBird, I know. I also know WikiGettingStarted exists for a reason. To help. But I just, thought, it would be nice and fun to not have fancy passwords and usernames in a forum. I just thought that maybe, just maybe, it could be a nice, little local forum. I do know that different pages exist for a reason, I just wanted something nice and fun for my userspace. Do the other pages stop me, NO, they don't. Why can't I just build my own pages based on these things. I build them for the same reason, I don't wish to undermine or mock the existing pages, only to make my own versions. Can't I just DO THAT???? - A really ticked off bee