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== The Homestar Runner Enters The Strongest Man in the World Contest ==
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This is the original children's book that started it all. It's a rather weird story, and only has some of the characters, but it's still pretty cool. Strong Bad made fun of it in the Strong Bad Email kids' book. It's also where The Cheat got his name. The archive includes the story plus some alternate cover ideas.

=== Summary ===
Homestar, Pom-Pom, Strong Bad, and three others enter the Strongest Man in the World Contest. "Whoever holds the most grapes, wins." Yeah. But Strong Bad cheats (guess who helps him? That's right -- The Cheat). Fortunately, Homestar notices this extra help, and as a result of his heroic sacrifice, Pom-Pom wins.
=== From an [interview] with Mike Chapman ===
"Yeah, a friend of ours, Craig Zobel and I, wrote a story in 1996 that's got most of the main characters -- Strong Bad, Homestar, PomPom and The Cheat I think are the main ones. Just a story we made one afternoon, went to Kinko's, made about ten or fifteen copies of it, and kind of gave it to our friends, and that was it, really, for several years. We just did that in the summer. We were in college, and did it in a bored afternoon."

*See the [book]

=== Comments ===

Mr. Bland from page 8 looks like Sickly Sam from 1936. Could there be a connection?

There's no connection between Mr. Bland and Sickly Sam. Sickly Sam is Strong Sad's counterpart in 1936. The only connection is that Mr. Bland and Strong Sad kindof look alike. --JoeyDay