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Tue, 27 Jul 2004 20:18:25 . . . . kingofhomsaria [werd]

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Okay, I know this is a really pathetic <(sp?) topic, but what is your favorite word? Mine is crap. -crap crap crap

I like to say quark. QUARK! QUARK! QUARK! -Quarkle

Narcissistic. 'Cause, you know, that's what I am! - TRULY the greatest guy

My favorite words are words that I make up on accident. But my favorite word is jupjup. It means yup. Also, see sheebie. I said it on accident when i really ment to say he/she. It just came out sheebie. and Sheebie is awsum. My third favorite word is awsum. awsum, NOT awesome. awsum looks better. - awsum NOT awesome

I thought it was flutie? -CrapIsMyLuckyNumber

Nothing has and nothing will ever beat the amazing galargle. I mean, seriously, you can't get much cooler than that. And if you think you know... trust me, you have no idea. - The Mystery Guru

I meant an actual word. Like, Narcissistic, or crap. -crap

(wale'-ee-drag) n. (Scottish) a feeble, dwarfed animal or person. [not to be confused with wally (wale'-ee) n. (also Scottish) fine, splendid.] - Wallydrag (2nd in line is clapter, which is clapping. Such as laughTER))

I like fhqwhgads...wait...that's not very original is it?
But seriously, I like words like "concordently" and "Vis--vis" and "ergo" and the like. They make me sound like the architect on the matrix! "Vis--vis!!! I said vis--vis!!!" Ok that was kinda random.

Poyoyo (Pronounced Poe-wee-oe-wee-oe) to the limit. I use it to express my feelings. But only the good ones. --Oyoyop

I'd have to say Aranafasta. Means nothing. Sounds like nothing. Made up by accident. Meant to say Aaron, don't know how it came out that way. It must've been those six chocolate bars I ate. Hey, I was really hungry.- SBZ22

BUTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Butt

Crap and Ya mama. DeLoreanz1

Remember. That's a powerful word to me. - The Conductor

Piss off (I know it's a phrase but they mean one word to me). -Da Bee

I made up this one... FAHOOGLEWITZ!!!! -- FahooglewitzGuy

Either Saiyan, or Fhqwhgads ya mite no mi as Homestarball Z

I've got a few. Smurged(Smushed and Merged together), Shinobi, Jutso, Monkey, Sploit!, Squrch and tons more. I make up a lot of words sometimes. Yup. - Shattered Alien

Words you see here that are my favorite include "Cheese Grater", "Paraphenalia", "Ummm...", "Ion" and "Beatbox".

Fuhorglingrads! -BodyTag

Ima have to say "derF"...I was IM'ing my sister and made up this word on the spot to replace the overused "duh"...except I don't type well, and somehow capitalized the "F". ==StrongDerF

MY Name is derF.. well sorta. My name is Fred.my favorite word is issazaaw. kingofhomsaria