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What's your favorite food? Mine is pizza, especially from Dominos! -Mmmmmm, pizza!

Chili or Tacos. -insert taco bell picture here

Big, juciy cheeseburgers with a side order of waffle fries. - "Insert Clever Title About Food here"

God, I have way to many. Steak, cheeseburgers, pasta, lasagna, cheese. There's so much. Jack Selby

Beans and Cheese A guy who doesn't eat fish

I like Spaghetti Bolognese and spicy chicken - Da Bee

My heart's at the fast food section. I like hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, frie, etc.- SBZ22

Japanese food, Burger king cuz Mcdonalds SUX!!! and Fluffy Puff marshmallows! and also the cheat commandos...O's Homestarball Z

When I made this thing, I meant REAL FOOD, not H*R food. -The guy who really loves pizza

I wonce eighted a

= hhole pizzza =

visit pikmanfan please, he is a very lonely man

i like fish, hot dogs spinach, broccoli,fries pizza lasagna chicken turkey ham macroni pasta and == tons == more food Human garbage can

My favorite foods include: Peporonni pizza, Williamson Brother's Barbecued ribs, and spicy chicken. -Ingiald

Hmmm, I like all food that is bad for you. I would really like to try some techno-chocolate though... Or maybe a grumble cake. My diet mostly contains of products such as Nacho Cheese Doritos and 'fun dips.' You guys have them in America? You get this little sherbert stick and a packet of sherbert. I like the 'swizzlestick' the best.
- Swizzlestick is a funny word