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What instruments do you play?

Clairinet-- Melonade Lord

Guitar, Drums and Piano - FireBird

Piano... badly. --DG

I play the piano and trumpet. I also sang in the choir (back in the day.. :p) I also play a mean kazoo. -Stu

I play de flute, and a lil bit of bass guitar. I used to play piano when I was little, but i hated it. -the girl with the silver flute
(Hooray4fluties -Crap)

I play the keyboard! You know when I listen to music and type my typing is in sync with the music! - Heir_of_Lindeen

I play and teach hammered dulcimer. I also play a little guitar, recorder, and bowed psaltery, and I like to sing, too. -- DungeonGirl

That's cool! DungeonGirl plays hippie instruments!
I play guitar (10 years), bass(8 years), a little tiny bit o' drums(like 3 months?), and I sing(forever). I'll throw some of my stuff online eventually. -- AgentSeethroo

Hmmm... I hadn't thought of it that way but I guess there is quite a bit of overlap between folk and hippie... I play mostly traditional music, particularly Celtic stuff, plus some classical and original. One CD out so far, hoping to start another this summer. -- DungeonGirl

Piano (really the main one). A bit of violin (Celtic Fiddle) as well. hmm... what else? a little guitar, bass.. and yes, accordion.
I did an instrumental version of "The Cheat is Not Dead." Check it out: WikiFanStuff/Music --Fishie McGee

Piano, keyboard and drums (if you call playing beats on my thighs drums!!). I play extremely well but I can't read music. I just write my own stuff and play other pieces by ear. I also sing. I'm planning on a musical career.princess

I'm a percussion dude. -kupo

DRUMS!!!!!!!! --The Ninth Agent

How can you write music if you can't read music? I play the Alto Saxaphone. -CE5

Writing music can mean composing -- you don't have to use standard notation to compose. -- DungeonGirl

Hear hear. After all, it's called music "theory", not music "fact".~~AgentSeethroo

Thanks, DungeonGirl, I wasn't sure if it was Here or Hear. ~ Agent "Confrused" Seethroo

I have played the piano for 12 years, taught myself guitar and harmonica and I also sing. I've composed 3 pieces of music (all without names yet.)
I play by ear, if you don't know what that means, it's like I can HEAR a song and teach it to myself.
I love to play the songs on the Strong Bad CD, especially "Because it's midnite" by Limozeen (the best band ever.) I also did Piano 1st grade theory and am currently doing Piano for leisure Grade 6 and will start grade 3 theory soon. - M.J

The world needs more people who play by ear. It's a dying art. --Fishie

I agree, however, knowing how to sight-read is an invaluable skill that I wish I had learned a long time ago. I play piano, saxaphone, guitar, drums, and ukelele. I sing and compose as well.
-The Brothers E

I play the flute, and the opposite of the base of the guitar.
- The boy with the other silver flute and the

I play the guitar (not the best) and the MPC and I rap. DeLoreanz1

Violin...Everyone Hates Classical The Conductor

Alto saxophone. I learned how to play "Happy Birthday to You" and the Futurama theme all by myself. -Saxaphone Shopiom

Percussion. I'm first chair in mallets (that's xylophone, marimba, and bells). I also play piano, and drums. But I'm only 3rd chair in drums. I really like to sing too. TheCheatIsNotDead

Trumpet!!!! -Mr. Strong Bad

Clarinet (badly)- Queen Of Town

I play three, count 'em three instruments. I play the piano although I dislike unless I'm playing songs from The Beatles or Led Zepplin. I also play some swinging jazz on my saxaphone whose name is Sam! And lastly I greatly enjoy jamming out on my acoustic guitar Renaldo, although I'm hoping to get an electric guitar in the near future - The Las Led Zepplin

I play the flute and occasionally the piano.--TubularLuggage

I used to play the clarinet and drums, now I play the keyboard 4 fun, bells and I sing. ~Ser-G-Gant Marshie

Piano, But i want to play the Hurdy-Gurdy --kingofhomsaria

I play acoustic guitar. I've got a keyboard, haven't played it for AGES. I didn't teach myself, but I play by ear. Trying to figure out a few Marzipan songs. --Clever Danielle

Percussion...wow...and really bad guitar UnknownHzrd

I play the violin really quite well. I'm okay at the piano, drum set and trombone. I also sing, rap and compose music. soce